Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up 10/30/2013

Hello loves.  I know I'm getting this up late tonight but I was waiting to get home from the Ward Halloween party so I could put up pics of the kids in their Halloween costumes.  I'll get right to it- and let Missy Bee show/tell you what we've been up to this week:

 We've been really artsy,

 and cutesy,

 and just chillin with Midnight even though she's scared of me for pulling her tail too many times,

 and I'm snuggly

 and just plain awesome...

 and snuggly again,

 and stylin' with the one shoe-on look

Then there are my brothers- who do this at the store instead of help me and Mom shop

And Halloween is tomorrow, but tonight we had a big party and I had my first time trick-or-treating!

Here's my puppy-dog brother

and my skeleton "emperor of death" brother

and ME!!- Minnie Mouse!

And one of all of us ready to go get our Halloween on!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  I hope your week was as awesome as ours was and we'll see you back next week!  Hugs and kisses to all; stay safe and well and we love you all!

Song of the Day: Fleet Foxes- Sun it Rises
*this link is provided for its audio content only*

Over and out.

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