Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gooey Spider Web

Hello and how the heck are ya? Things are gettin' messy over here and let me show you why:

 As you can see we have a delicate little spooky spider web and then green ooze threatening to take over my nails!  This is a really fun and easy look and all you need is a striping brush, a dotting tool, and then I used silver and white for the web and Sephora It's Totally Karma for the goo.

The base polish I used for this manicure is Sephora by OPI Go My Own Way and here it is at two coats:
It's a deep deep gray with some teal shimmer throughout.  This color is fabulous- and this brand's formula isn't as nice as regular OPI polish, but this one was ok.

Well that's it- just a quick snippet for you today.  I hope you enjoyed this look- if you think of a design you'd like to see- let me know in the comments below. :)

Song of the Day: Jenny Lewis- You Are What You Love
*this link is provided for its audio and not video content*

Over and out.

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