Friday, October 4, 2013

Tape It Up!

Hello loves.  I have a taped mani for you today.  Using tape in your nail art can be really helpful for getting sharp, clean, and striking lines.  However, it can also be tedious because you have to get your tape placed exactly right and you have to pull it off just so- in order not to mess up your lines.  As with most things that have risk- if you get it right it can have a great pay-off.  Not saying this mani is an example of great pay-off, I'm just saying don't be discouraged, you just have to practice and give it a try. Here's my white and rose gold nail art for you today:

So ya- if you want crisp and clean, you can reach for you striping tape.  As for me, I'm still a bigger fan of free-handing because it feels like I can really express myself better.  I guess I'm a freer soul since I lean towards the techniques that don't necessarily guarantee a perfect image.  I think individuality is beautiful.  On that note- I encourage you to do YOU :)  You don't have to meet up to somebody else's standards.  Know that what makes you and what you do beautiful is the fact that you're the ONLY you! XOXO

Here is the base polish- Ulta Chic Peek on it's own- with two coats:
This is such a gorgeous rose gold almost foil polish and it was almost a one-coater.  As with most foils and shimmers it leaves a lovely shimmer all over your fingers after removal lol, but it's worth it. Have a great weekend lovelies!! See you back tomorrow for our return of random Saturday swatching.

Song of the Day: The Ceremonies- Straw Hat
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Over and out.

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