Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sally Hansen Color Xpression Collection

Wow this collection has some beautiful shades.  Today I'm sharing with you the Color Xpression collection from Sally Hansen- in the Xtreme Wear line.  If you want to watch the live application review of the whole collection, you can do so here:

 Dabbler is a beautiful dusty blue gray.  This is two coats and I think it's great!

Green Thumb is SUCH a gorgeous color!  Wow, I don't have many polishes in this shade.  This will be two coats, as with the rest.

 La Vida Polka is such a fun bubble gum pink cream, a little warm.  This one's great!

Another one I love is Orchid Around.  Of course, I just love purples anyway, but this one's so dusty and pretty.

Pin-k Point is pretty similar to the other pink but it's lighter and dustier.  Another one they did a great job with.

Woo-hoo!  Another great shade, this is Royal Hue which is a slightly dusty cornflower.  If you spot it, grab it.

Sun Spots is a pretty lemon yellow cream.  It's doable at two coats.  Not the best ever but it's pretty good.

And then they go and put a beautiful taupe in here called Bare Hug.  Another one I loved!  Great two coat formula as with the rest.

This was one of my favorite collections that Xtreme Wear has every put out.  Loved it!


FingerPaints Tie Dye Revolution

The FingerPaints Tie Dye Revolution has some great primary brights.  If you'd like to see my live application review of the whole collection you can do so here:

 Be Hippy is this lovely sky blue with a great two coats formula.

 Far Out Fuchsia is a favorite!  The formula is so good.  It's not particularly unique but I enjoyed it.

 Paper Mache is a pretty basic white cream.  Not the best formula, not the worst.

 Peace, Love & Green was one I didn't love so much.  It just doesn't have the opacity I'm looking for.  It's sure a pretty color though.

 Tie Dye Tangerine is a BEAUTIFUL orange cream.  So warm!! I love it.

Yellow Out Man is a pretty good yellow.  It's opaque enough at two coats and didn't let me down.

Hope you found something you liked. Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday Random Swatchfest 5/23/2015

Welcome to this week's Swatchfest!  If you'd like to watch the video and live application of these ten random polishes, you can do so here:

 Oh my, Julep Rose is so gorgeous!  A rosy red, more red than rose.  The formula is just beautiful!  A

L.A. Girl Bubblegum is a warm pink.  It certainly doesn't have the best formula.  It isn't undoable but not my fave.  C+

Oh this color's so pretty.  This is Revlon Charmed and it's a beautiful lustery orange with a great two coat formula.  A

Another gorgeous polish, this is Zoya Bevin.  Applies perfectly in two coats, I just love this kind of gray sea green.  A

NYC High Line Green is a very pretty grass green but the formula isn't that great, as you can see it's kinda streaky at two coats.  B-

Sparitual Navigate is such a pretty metallic blue!  Unfortunately this shot is so yellow- try to look past it :(  I usually pick up every Sparitual polish I find at Marshalls cuz they're that good!  A

 KB Shimmer A Raisin to Live is a deep blackberry jelly base with oodles of glitters packed in there.  This is two coats and it's just lovely.  A

Pure Ice Kiss Me Here is just such a favorite.  It's just two bucks and it's a beautiful warm gray cream.  A

 e.l.f. Enchanted is such a fun glitter and I really enjoyed it over this green.  This is two easy coats.  A

Maybelline Navy Narcissist was my A+ polish this week.  It has such a great formula and the color is just fantastic!

Hope you're having a good one!


L'oreal Pure Reds Collection

L'oreal released a collection of all reds- and they're stunning!  If you'd like to watch live application of all 9 you can watch here:

 Julieanne's Red is one of the lightest and with the most white in it.  Great formula!

 Blake's Red has a lot of blue in it.  It's just divine and this is two coats.

 Doutzen's Red on the other hand has lots of yellow in it and I love love this firey polish.

 Freida's Red is a classic red with lots of luster.

 Liya's Red is a dark burgundy red with luster.  This is two coats.

 Zoe's Red is close to the same color as the last polish but it's a straight cream.  Again, two coats.

 Eva's Red is a beautiful almost-brick red cream.  This is two coats.

 Jennifer's Red is super similar to the red just previous but it has luster.  This is two coats.

Because You're Worth It Red is the most classic red cream.  It doesn't have as much red as Julieanne's and a little less blue than Blake's.  This is two coats as with the rest.

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful polishes.  Have a great day!


My Top 10 Yellow Polishes 2015

Today's post is on my top ten yellow polishes.  I put together this video in 2015 but for the most part it all still stands.  I just LOVE yellow polish!  If you want to see the video review, just click here:

Orly Lemonade is an absolute must-have for every fan of yellow polish!  This has a lovely two coat formula and it's definitely high up on the list!

Maybelline Citrus Collide is the most blasted-out yellow I own.  It's great at two easy coats and it was from the Bleached Neon.  I can occasionally found these polishes at Big Lots for like a buck! Love it and the whole collection!

Color Club Macaroon Swoon is such a great butter yellow shade, so creamy and delicious.  I'm showing it to you here at two coats.

Sally Hansen Butterscotch has no equal- there really aren't that many great mustard cream polishes out there, and as far as I've found as of today- this is the best!

My favorite neon yellow I've come across is Virtuous Polish Magdalene.  This polish isn't currently being made unfortunately because all the polishes in this indie brand's neon collection were just so insanely bright! Love it!

Second favorite neon yellow is this awesome, almost-lime yellow with strong shimmer!  This is Color Club Not-So-Mellow Yellow and this one can be picked up easily online.  I hope you snatch it.

OPI You're So Flippy Floppy is my favorite yellow textured polish.  They only made them in these teeny tiny minis.  I wish that all four in this collection were in full size cuz I'd get 'em in a heartbeat.

Zoya Daisy is such a fun yellow polish because look at all that shimmer!! This one could have a slightly more opaque formula for my liking but I still really enjoy it.

 Ok, now here's another Zoya, super opaque, just the perfect sunflower yellow.  This is Zoya Darcy.

Wet n Wild D'oh is very nearly the same color as the polish above but it's only one dollar at the drugstore.  I think it's a must-have.

And there you have it- my top ten yellow polishes.  This video and list was published about a year ago but all of the polishes are still awesome- I've just added a few to it since then.  I'll have another video on favorite yellows soon.  :)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday Random Swatchfest 5/16/2015

Time to look at ten random polishes!  I hope you see something you like and if you want to see how they apply live and join in the chat, you can watch the video here:

Nicole by OPI American as Apple Pie is so stunning it takes my breath away.  I love this, the color, the finish, the formula!  A

 Sally Hansen Get Down is such a beautiful mulberry shade.  Great at two coats.  A

Sinful Colors Copper Pot is a delicious orange copper luster.  This applied nicely in two coats and I just saw that it's being repromoted in the current 2016 Halloween display.  A-

Nicole by OPI Carrie'd Away is a beautiful textured gold glitter.  This is light and lovely.  It doesn't get quite opaque at two coats but it's pretty close.  B+

 Salon Perfect Summer St. John is such a beautiful teal green! However it was a stainer :( C

 Illamasqua Cameo- oh this is so gorgeous! Lovely at two coats, I picked this up on Hautlook.  A

 Nina Ultra Pro Purple Pizzazz is a lovely luster purple with a great, two-coat fomula.  A

Ulta Taupe on a Rope is kind of a yellowed-brown with some very light shimmer.  This is definitely an interesting color!  It went on nicely in two coats.  B+

Orly Androgynie is such a delicious black jelly with micro glitters and largre iridescent hexes that go mostly from gold, green, and blue.  What a fun, interesting shade.  A-

Surprise!  China Glaze Designer Satin is my A+ polish of the week.  The formula here is spectacular and watermelon red, yes!

Thanks for stopping by!  Don't forget to stop by my youtube channel.  My live application reviews really do help in deciding if a polish is worth your time or not.  Have a great day!!