Sunday, October 30, 2016

L'oreal Pure Reds Collection

L'oreal released a collection of all reds- and they're stunning!  If you'd like to watch live application of all 9 you can watch here:

 Julieanne's Red is one of the lightest and with the most white in it.  Great formula!

 Blake's Red has a lot of blue in it.  It's just divine and this is two coats.

 Doutzen's Red on the other hand has lots of yellow in it and I love love this firey polish.

 Freida's Red is a classic red with lots of luster.

 Liya's Red is a dark burgundy red with luster.  This is two coats.

 Zoe's Red is close to the same color as the last polish but it's a straight cream.  Again, two coats.

 Eva's Red is a beautiful almost-brick red cream.  This is two coats.

 Jennifer's Red is super similar to the red just previous but it has luster.  This is two coats.

Because You're Worth It Red is the most classic red cream.  It doesn't have as much red as Julieanne's and a little less blue than Blake's.  This is two coats as with the rest.

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful polishes.  Have a great day!


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