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Saturday Random Swatchfest 11/29/2014

Hey there!  Thanks for stopping in for another weekly Swatchfest!  We're going to look at 10 random polishes from my collection that haven't appeared on this blog yet.  Hope you find something you like!  If you'd enjoy seeing these swatches painted on my nails, you can see live application here:

Let's get to it!

Zoya Posh is from the Matte Velvet collection that was released recently.  This is two easy coats without topcoat so  you can see it's not glaringly matte.  It's superpigmented and such a rich color.  A

For pink today we're looking at a polish from the brand Dermelect called Moxie.  It's a fairly pigmented medium, bubble-gum pink.  I had no issues with application, but there wasn't really anything special about this polish to warrant my spending as much on each of these little bottles that they're sold for($12).  You're looking at two coats.  A

Here is our orange polish- nails inc. Westbourne Grove.  This is advertised as a neon shade and I think it's fairly accurate because although it's not the brightest color ever, it has that kind of chalky, residue formula.  I admit, I didn't love this one.  You're looking at two coats without undies and it probably could have used a third coat but I wasn't going to mess with that :)  B-

For gold/yellow we're looking at Sally Hansen Satin Glam Go Gold.  This dries to a satin finish and I think it is rather stunning.  The gold is non-assuming and really special at the same time.  You can find this one on clearance at CVS currently so run over and grab it if you're interested.  A

You're looking at two coats of Orly Green Apple which is the perfect name for this shade.  It really did look like a juicy and delicious green apple on my nails.  Admittedly, this doesn't have a perfect formula- you may be able to see a bit of the nail there at two coats so I may have to do a third next time.  B+

Our blue polish today is this kind of white-washed blue from Covergirl called Skylight.  There's no reason to rush out and grab this one.  I actually was a little bummed at the lack of interest I had in this polish's blue.  Blue polishes I usually love, and while there were no issues with formula here, I just didn't feel the usual va-va-voom for this light blue.  B

 For purple we're looking at a Sally Hansen Triple Shine polish called Dream Sheen.  Right away you can see my main problem with this polish- it's super sheer. This is two coats and a third one doesn't even get you where you want.  Perhaps this polish is better served as a topper for a purple or gray polish :)  I do really like the purple/pink opalescence.  B-

 Our fabulous glitter polish today is OPI To Be or Not to Beagle from the Peanuts collection.  I found this at TJMaxx...already!  Actually it was sitting there along with three others from the collection so you may have the same luck at your store.  As you can it has black microglitters, black very thin bar glitters, and then black, light blue, dark blue, red, white, and orange hex glitters.  Such a fun mix- I feel like this polish pretty accurately depicts what my kids' rooms look like before they clean up.  I also had no issue getting enough product on the nail.  Loved it!  A

 Our neutral polish is Sparitual Freedom which is a dirty purple/mauve with tons of purple and pink shimmer in there.  The formula on this one wasn't my favorite.  Definitely still workable- but it didn't really get super even at two coats.  What do you think about this pretty-ugly polish?  B

Finally we have arrived at my A+ polish of the week.  I found this sparkling magesty of a polish at Marshalls- it is OPI Kiss Me at Midnight.  I could not take it off my nails this week.  I think it is my favorite liquid sand polish I have come across.  The blue is so vibrant and the silver with it creates this perfect of glitter...and I don't even like glitter!  Hah- if you see it, grab it fast!  It comes from the Mariah Carey Holiday collection and this is two coats.

So we have reached the end of another swatchfest.  I hope that you're having a great day and thanks for spending some of it with me :)  See you next time!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 11/15/2014

Hey everyone :)  It's Saturday again and it's time for our Swatchfest!  I hope you're ready to see some pretty polishes!  Who am I kidding- that's why you're here! :)  If you'd like to see live application of these 10 random polishes, you can find that here:

Let's get to the polishes.
To start things out, we have this pretty red that leans a bit brick.  It's OPI First Date at the Golden Gate from the San Francisco collection.  The thing about this polish- and I don't know if it's just because I have the minis- but it's rather thin.  It doesn't feel luscious and warm like it seems like it should.  I could probably do a third coat because it is an unproblematic formula, but at two coats it was rather underwhelming for me.  B

For pink, we're looking at China Glaze High Hopes from the Up & Away collection.  This is a bright, warm pink that unfortunately isn't really anything special.  There are a couple really great polishes from that collection and so I gave this one a try too.  If you're really into pink(unlike myself) you may enjoy this more than I did.  The formula was fine and I reached opacity at two coats, but you just have to be careful not to get too much on the brush.  B

Our orange polish is Sinful Colors Tapping Nails.  I really likes how this looks on the nails- here in this photo.  In person, the formula seemed a little thin and I could still the the nail line.  It's a really pretty flash from orange to pink to gold, which is a really lovely combination.  For an orange polish, I really liked this one.  A-

The gold polish of the week is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Goldie Frocks.  Now this one is rather sheer, as you can see.  I do really like this shade of gold though- it's rather light and angelic.  You definitely need three coats for opacity.  It's actually 3 days later and I'm still wearing it. I think it's because it's a chic shimmer.  B+

Nicole by OPI Lay It On the Lime is our green polish this Swatchfest.  You definitely need two coats here for this delicate pale lime cream.  I think this one's really fun and if you happen to see it around and you're fond of interesting cream colors, I'd totally suggest it to you.  This is two easy coats.  A

For blue, we're looking at Salon Perfect Smooth Sailing.  This is a very bright medium blue that I thought for sure would stain my nails but happily, it did not.  You can find this brand at Walmart, and for my first experience with it- I was pleasantly surprised.  I did think that it could have a little better self-leveling, and for the price point- which isn't as friendly as sinful colors or pure ice, I would expect it to be pretty decent.  B+

Our purple polish is Revlon Fascinate.  As you can see- this polish is lustrous and really commands attention, but you can also see that it didn't quite level across the nail.  This is two coats and I'm not sure I'd want to do a third, but I guess you could try.  I love the shift from indigo to plum though. Overall, I give this one a B

e.l.f. Sea Escape is our neutral shade.  It's either a black or very dark blue cream with tons of blue and purple shimmer in it.  In person, it really is quite stunning- this picture doesn't quite do it justice.  For the price point- I think this one is rather great- the formula was easy to work with and you can pretty much get away with one coat, even though I showed you two.  A

Pure Ice Over You is this glorious glitter that is made up of bright lilac microglitter and turquoise short bar and hex glitters.  This is two coats, but you really only need one.  It really makes an impact on the nail.  If you spot this little lady- I'd pick her up- and this is coming from someone who isn't crazy about glitter nail polish.  A

Sinful Colors Mesmerize is my A+ polish of the week.  Look at this gorgeous deep purple!  It has lots of dupes out there, won't be hard for you to find one- however, this one is a two dollars at the drug store and often is on sale for $0.99!  For that reason, and it's perfect formula, this one was my favorite polish of the week.

I hope you found something you liked here and please let me know what you were wearing and loving this week.  Lots of love to you, and I'll see you back next time.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 11/08/2014

Welcome back Polish Peeps!!! I hope you've been having an absolutely fabulous day! :)  It's time to look at some random polishes- like we always do on Saturdays...even though I'm getting this uploaded early Monday morning.  Don't forget you can always find my Swatchfest on my channel every Saturday if you're looking for it and you can't find it here on my blog yet.  Here is the live application of all ten polishes:

Let's get started!

To get started, we're looking at Orly Retro Red which is a great red/orange and it dries semi-matte. Great two-coater here- this is a fun powerful red that just makes me want to work out...which is a really good thing lol.  A

For pink, we're looking at Nicole by OPI Rock the Look which is from the four-piece Roughles collection of textured polishes that dry with a bit of shine- but absolutely no shimmer.  I really enjoyed this one- as I do most textured polishes ;)  You're looking at two great coats. A

Our orange polish this week is Sinful Colors Anemone.  As far as orange polishes go, I do prefer shades like this that are a little softer and more wearable.  This is pretty much a one-coater but I've shown you two here as I always do.  A

We're on a roll here, people!  Another polish that gets an A from me is OPI You're So Flippy Floppy and I'm like dying over how gorgeous this is.  My search for the perfect yellow polish is never-ending.  It seems like polish brands have such a hard time getting the yellow formula just right.  Just to be clear, I understand this is a shimmer you eliminate the problem of having a perfect consistency...because it's textured so the uneven surface is desireable.  However, I am so in love with the gorgeous sunny quality of this polish.  I could not stop staring at it.  If you spot this little pack of 4 minis, snatch it up!

For green today we're looking at this delicious green apple color,  It's Zoya Tracie and it has some pretty micro shimmer running through it.  I have to admit- the shimmer quality actually made this polish less attractive to me.  However, formula-wise this one's great, so if you're into how this one looks, you won't be disappointed with the performance.  B-

For blue I'm showing you this baby blue perfection of a cream which is Color Club In De-Nile.  Two fabulous coats, I really think this is my favorite pastel blue I've come across.  No issues with formula here, I'M.IN.LOVE. :)  I don't think I can be more clear- divine.  A

Sally Hansen Satin Glam Taffeta is our purple polish this week.  I absolutely loved this one and I spy that there are a number of other Satin Glam polishes just like this one at the drug store.  I found this in a clearance bin somewhere so I'm not about to spend 7 bucks on each of the others in this collection, but I know that they're fabulous if I see any more of them on clearance.  It's kind of a deep orchid shade with tons of holographic shimmer and it dries to a perfect satin finish.  A

A real classic in my collection is China Glaze Stone Cold which is another polish this week that dries satin or matte.  It's like we've got a theme here!  Guys, I can't recommend this one to you enough.  I feel like it's equal parts charcoal black and silver.  Such a great mixture!!  Even better- this looks fabulous with a glossy top coat!  Such a great option for a dark nail.  A

For glitter we're looking at FingerPaints Three's a Party which is made up of semi-matte blue, green, yellow, and orange hex glitters.  They are all in muted tones which I really like- probably my favorite thing about the polish.  This applied ok...I did need two coats, and the clear base wasn't over messy or anything, but mine came with a wonky brush and I wasn't absolutely wild about one. However, I do enjoy that it's kind of a subtle, fun, colorful topper.  B

Ok guys, I hope you're ready for this.  Today in the A+ slot, I'm sharing with you probably my favorite purple polish I have in my collection- if not my favorite polish period.  There is something about this purple that just slays be.  By the way- it's Avon Luxe Lavender.  One of the polishes I've had the longest, it's such perfection.  The color is amazing, the formula/finish is outstanding, and the wear is great.  If you haven't tried any Avon polishes, I highly suggest you do, and you must include this polish in your order.  I think I'm going to paint every room in my house this color, like today!

What did you think?  Did you enjoy any of these and what were you wearing on your nails this week? I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back next time :)

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L'oreal Collection Privée: The Perfect Nudes

Hey Dolls!  I've got another fabulous collection from L'oreal to show you today.  Seriously- lately L'oreal is ma boo :)  As far as drugstore is concerned- L'oreal is a little on the pricier side, but I truly feel like across the board they have a higher quality than some of the other brand.  Today we're looking at the Collection Privée: The Perfect Nudes which is made up of 6 nudes inspired by 6 famous women.  I really think there are some stunners in here and a great polish for everyone.  If you'd like to see live application of each shade, you can check that out here:

On to the polishes!
First up we have Doutzen's Nude which is a light pinky brown nude.  This is two coats(as they all will be) and this gives great coverage in two coats.  These all definitely need two coats and apply with no issues at all.  The model that this polish was inspired by probably has the closest skin tone to mine, but even though I enjoy this color, it actually wasn't my favorite- which just goes to show you really don't have to go with the typical perfect nude for your skin tone :)  Just pick which one you like.

Next we have Eva's Nude, which is a light camel nude with subtle shimmer.  This one was a surprise for me- I didn't know any would have shimmer and the color is really lovely.  On my hand- this was the one that I felt was the least attractive, but that's just my preference.  As you can see- at two coats you can still see the nail just a bit- so maybe a third coat would be appropriate here, but I don't think you'd have a problem because this wasn't overly thick.  On my channel, a number of people said this was their favorite shade, so it definitely goes to show that there is something great here for everyone.

Freida's Nude is the polish inspired by Freida Pinto and it is a very frosty bronzy-nude.  This applies nicely at two coats, and just because of finish, this wasn't really up my alley, but again, some of my viewers said they loved it the best.  Again, nice that they gave another type of finish, rather than just all creams.

One of my favorites out of the bunch is Jennifer's Nude which is just a fantastic gray/beige.  You know I love me a gray cream and this one was no different.  I'm showing you two coats here, and it may be just a touch thin, so you could go for a third coat if you want it to be a bit more rich. Delicious!

Julieanne's Nude is up next- and this is really what I think of when I imagine a tan nude.  This one was only ok- just because for me this runs a little too warm.  I really enjoy cooler tones on me- personal preference- but the formula is fab.  This is again two coats and this time, I had no issues feeling it was too thin.

My other favorite from the collection is Liya's Nude.  She probably has the least similar complexion to my own but I absolutely love it.  It's like Jennifer's Nude but it's deeper and has more mauve.  I just love it and it's nice and opaque at two coats, with zero application issues.

So that's it for the Collection Privée: Perfect Nudes.  I did try one of the lipsticks(Julieanne's) and really enjoyed that as well.  I hope you found something in here that you like and that you're having a great day!  XOXO- I'll see you back next time :)

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L'oreal Sparkling Soiree Holiday 2014 Live Application and Review

I've got a lovely holiday collection to share with you today that you can pick up at the drugstore.  I feel like L'oreal has again done a wonderful job with this 8 piece collection that isn't just a Christmas collection, but feels very New Year as well.  It consists of four opaque polishes and four flashy toppers.  If you'd like to see the live application of all of these polishes then you can see that here:

Let's talk polish!
The first one I'm going to show you is a deep plum cream called Almost Midnight.  This one applied so nicely, creamy and no fuss.  Such a great option for a dark nail.  You know I love purple and this is so dark and sexy.  Loved it.

 24-Carat is the topper polish I swatched over the deep purple.  This is a dense gold foil shard topper.  I've shown you two coats here and I had no issues getting enough foil out of the bottle.

Bring the Rubies is this gorgeous holiday red lustre polish.  Wow this one is so nice on the nail and applies like a dream.  You know I'm not crazy about red, but I was totally diggin' this one.  I definitely wouldn't call this a cherry red, it is definitely more sophisticated and chic.  Super powerful and fun red polish from the drugstore.

 Over top the red, I'm showing you Snow Ball.  As you can see, it's a holographic, multi-sized glitter.  This one is bangin!  I love it so much and this is two coats- easy to apply and get enough glitter out.  Fabulous!

Hit the Slopes is the classic white they gave us.  The formula on this one was pretty good.  I had no trouble reaching opacity on two coats- which I liked, but unfortunately it got a little goopy when I was using it for nail art throughout one day.  So, not perfect formula...but still pretty good.

Midnight Fireworks is a great glitterbomb.  It has all sorts of colors in there: silver, blue, purple, green, red, and gold from what I can see.  There are two sizes of glitters- medium hexes and then much smaller hexes.  Loved it- it's such a fun party in a bottle and it looks great over this white.

Tuxedo Noir is the last opaque shade of the collection, but it does not disappoint!  I absolutely love how rich and luscious this black and silver shimmer is.  Wow, wow, wow this looks so party and chic at the same time.  So, tasty, I absolutely love this one.  Two easy coats- definitely one of my faves from the collection.

Pink Party Dress is this super vibrant multi-sized pink/red glitter.  As you can see- two coats gets you a lot of product on the nail.  Such a gorgeous color- if you're looking for a party red glitter, this one is fab!

Did you find anything you like from this collection?  I haven't really been that impressed by the holiday collections out this year(ahem...China Glaze, Essie, OPI, FingerPaints...snore...) but I did really enjoy this one for it's great versatility and I found them all at 40% off one day, so I was happy to snatch them up.  Since picking up this collection, I really haven't been interested in any other holiday collections thus far- been riding with this one and Orly's as far as mainstream polishes are concerned.  Indie brands are really hitting it out of the park right now and I'm planning to pick up some indie goodies soon!  I hope if you liked these that you're able to find them- I spotted the display at Rite Aid.

I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back next time :)

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Amour Fall 2014 Live Application and Review

Welcome back.  Today we're taking a look at Amour's Fall 2014 collection of 6 polishes.  I wanted to give this brand a try again after being disappointed with their quality a few seasons back, and I have to say, they really are still rather hit and miss for me.  If you'd like to see the live application video I made of these polishes, then you can do so here:

Let's look at these polishes!
First off we've got Berry Buttoned Up which is an iridescent plum with tons of micro holographic glitter.  This one really does have a lustrous appearance, but I couldn't quite get on board with the color.  The super bright plum was one thing, and then throw holographic glitter on top of it was a little excessive.  This is two coats, and all swatches will be at two coats.

The creams in the collection start off with this kind of dull gray called Clean Slate.  I really love gray polishes but this one didn't quite have enough depth for me.  All the creams in this collection are a little too thin, but are still nice colors.

The next cream in this collection is this lovely sand color called Do I Look Buff?  Again, I really like this color but it's thin and kind of lifeless-feeling.  It's unfortunate because the shade is so pretty. Again- two coats here.

Hello Merlot is the last cream.  As you can see it's a vibrant classic red.  Same problem here though- it's just too thin.  I definitely have other reds that I'd chose over this one just because it doesn't give you that richness a cream should have.

Rake on the Green is my least favorite in the collection.  It's an uber-dark green crelly and it's just not attractive.  It's cloudy and not in a good way.  This one was just meh for me.

Who's Cider Are You On? is the last in the collection.  Again we have a super-lustrous rich shade with tons of holographic shimmer.  This one I enjoyed a bit more than the purple because the base color is a nice neutral shade.  This is probably my favorite out of the group because it feels like it has some substance.  It also had a nice formula.

Did you see anything here that you liked?  Have you ever tried this brand?  I purchased them from

I hope you're having a great day!  See you back next time.

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