Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jesse's Girl Satin Collection with Live Application

Hey guys, I have the 6 polishes from a new Jesse's Girl display I found at Rite Aid the other day and they were labeled the Satins.  Up til now I had never tried this brand's polish and let me tell you- I was wowwed! First off, these are almost all one-coaters and as smooth as butter.  They are also highly pigmented and a budget-friendly price.  As I was swatching them I just kept saying to myself, "ooooh, aaaah" lol.  If you would like to watch how these apply, you can do so here:

Let's get to some photos of these lovelies.

Amethyst is the royal purple satin they included in this collection.  Oh, it's so creamy and rich on the nail! You can totally get away with one coat, but I've shown you two here.  This color is divine and the fact that it's so easy to apply and ready-to-wear just makes me happy!

Azure is a color that just injects my veins with life!  This color is perfection!  This is the only polish of the collection that absolutely needs two coats for suitable opacity but I don't mind because it is divine!  I might never take this polish off again lol ok we know that isn't possible- but I exaggerate to make my point :)

Black Satin is a nice and clean, dark gray satin.  Nothing too special or extraordinary here, but it's a great standard to have in your collection.  Two coats shown here.

Brunello swatched interestingly- it looks very red/brown here but it had like this blue base which is hard to describe.  When all is said and done it basically is a deep red/brown with some lovely subtle shimmer.  Two coats here.

Cauldron is another deep red, but this time it has gold and red flakies in it.  You totally only need one coat here, and this one is thick.  I've shown you two coats for consistency.  Cauldron is a really rich Fall shad, that's fo sho!

Another absolutely blind-my-eyes-it's-so-gorgeous polish is Sea Glass.  Again, a one-coater but I've shown you two.  For you teal lovers out there (talking to you Yadi) this is a must-have.  I've shown you it here without topcoat as with the rest of them to maintain the satin effect of these polishes.  I am so head over heels in love with at least half of this collection and the rest are still really nice.  This polish is in the side that blows my mind :)

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful.  I loved finding this little gem in the drugstore and let me know if you've picked any of these up or are planning to.  I hope you're having a fabulous day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up 7/30/14

Hey guys, you know the drill. :)  Here are photos from our week.  

 I feel like there's probably an exact picture of me like this at her age.  Eatin tomatoes in an oversized t-shirt.

 Happy Ninja!  Even though he's incredibly bored with no school lol

Now this little lady is much easier to entertain and I can hardly get her to hold still for a photo.  This is the Flinstones hairdo at it's finest...actually it's a necessity- we can't keep her hair out of her eyes!

 One thing this Ninja loves is paint...and making a mess with it.  

 Thank goodness for washable craft supplies :)

 Lol, this was, "smile for grandma"

 More Pebbles

 Always creative with the hats!

And as for our little stud in Utah...
 Aquarium fun!

 Takin' the RV to Lagoon(an amusement park)


 Oh, that's how it is...

 Gardening at it's finest

 Helping Dad at work


Tuckered out

And that was our week!  Hope you're all happy and healthy and we send our love to you all!  See you next Wednesday!

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Julie G Mardi Gras Collection with Live Application

Hey guys!  Did you even know there was a new Julie G collection coming out?  Miranda would say, "what the even heck??"  I hadn't heard about it anywhere and then I spotted it at my Rite Aid.  The collection is called Mardi Gras and it is so fitting as polishes are all bright, party glitters.  What I didn't know until I got home was that each polish also has texture in there too.  Since the glitters are so large, the texture doesn't really stand out to me that much because it's very fine, but if you weren't expecting the texture, it might throw you off a bit.  Even with the texture I still really enjoyed these 6 polishes with the party theme and I could definitely see myself mixing them all over my fingernails for a fun night out!

If you'd like to see these babies swatched live for you, that video is here:

Let's go ahead and start with the very feminine Trinket.  Her glitters are lavender, hot pink, and light pink, with tiny micro lavender glitters.  They are all nestled in a pink jelly base with the texture, as you can see- that kind of just suspends the glitter.  I mentioned in the video that the texture in these polishes reminds me of acrylic(like they use to build you a set of acrylic pink and white nails).  Very interesting.  I of course loved this one.  I'm showing you two coats, so these babies are not lacking on the glitter- it was easy to get plenty on the nail.

King Creole is up next and what a fun polish!  I love the yellow base combined with the fiery gold, orange, and red glitters.  There are at least three sizes of glitters in here too, if you can see.  I loved how original this polish is.  Definitely one-of-a-kind in my collection.  As with all the swatches, this is two coats.

Next we have Jamboree, and I think you green polish-lovers are really going to like this one.  The glitters are nestled in this spring green jelly with the texture and there are gold, aqua, and shamrock green glitters in there.  So fun- don't these all totally evoke Mardi Gras?  Love it!  Two coats as always.

There are two blue polishes in this collection.  In my opinion, you don't need both because they are very similar, but this first one is called Masquerade.  Laying in a medium blue jelly, we have large blue and gold hexes, with small red and blue glitters.  This is two coats.

Costume Ball is the other blue(as you can see, very similar) and has all those same glitters, but also larger fuchsia, and small green and gold glitters.  This one basically just has more colors of glitter with larger fuchsia hexes to make this lean a little more purple, but honestly it's practically a twin to Masquerade.  This is two coats.

Last up we have Bourbon Street and I really love this one.  I like all of them, but this one is truly a party in a bottle.  The glitters in every color of the rainbow are suspended in a gray/black jelly, which is not too intense that it detracts from the glitter.  You know, it looks like I had on some gray jelly polish and walked through a glitter factory that had some fans on...  This one is so fun, and definitely one of my top picks.  This is two coats.

You know, it's actually kind of hard to make top picks, I really enjoyed them all.  I guess if I had to keep just two, I'd keep Bourbon Street, and King Creole, but that's just because they're so unique.  I truly enjoyed them all.  Which was your favorite or were you not really feeling these?  It's time to party, people!  I hope you're having a great day and thanks for stopping by today :)  See you tomorrow.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Orly Fall 2014 Smoky Collection with Live Application

Hey loves!  How's everybody doing today?  With my second Fall 2014 collection to review this month...I guess Fall is officially eminent.  Today we're looking at the Orly Smoky collection for this Fall.  It's made up of 6 polishes(4 are shimmers and 2 are creams).  If you'd like to see them all in action and use the formula application to help you make up your mind on whether you need any of these, you can find that here:

First up is Smoked Out which is a gorgeous deep emerald that flashes gold and copper.  This one applied just a little bumpy and dried semi-matte.  The color is so beautiful and from a ways away just looks black, but up close you see all this dimension.   Next time I'll just take a more careful hand to make sure it all lies flat, but overall I really enjoyed this polish.  This deep color didn't stain my nails so this one's ok with me.

The sister to the polish just above is this deep red/brown called Darkest Shadow.  The same kind of look as the deep emerald except this one dries with a glossy finish instead of semi-matte and I didn't get any bumpiness in the finish.  The intensely deep red has bright red, copper, and gold particles that really make this look like something special on the nail.  Again, from far away, it just looks black, but up close you get this dimension.  You really only need one coat on this polish but I've shown you two like I always do.

The first of two creams in this collection is called Blend.  It's like a mauve/taupe that goes a little on the deep side.  This doesn't dry matte but I'd prefer it with a glossy top coat.  It's shown here at two coats without top coat.  The formula is a little thin and runny so just take it easy :)  The formula was ultimately really nice.

The other cream is called Highlight and it's a smoky beige/gray.  The light neutral of the collection- it really balances things out.  I thought this one had another thin formula, but not as much so as Blend.  It's another great neutral, akin to some of the great ones from the China Glaze The Giver collection.

There are two dense shimmers that are more sheer rather than creamy like the first two I showed you.  This one is called Edgy.  It's a grungy chrome/bronze that reaches this level of opacity at two coats.  It's the perfect dirty Fall shade with so much dimension.

Of the two sheer shimmers this one needed three coats to reach this level of opacity.  It's a rose/gold combination that really flashes orange/salmon so bright on the nail but still very chic and it's called Brush It On.  This polish is so unique and brings a roundness to the collection.  So pretty.

I purchased this collection from transdesign but I haven't seen it at any of my local retailers yet.  Hopefully it will be there soon for you, but if you can't wait you can shop online like me :)  Are you ready to wear these Fall shades yet?  I hope you found this review helpful and you're better able to decide if you need any of these little beauties.  Have a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Childproof Your Polish Station!

Hey loves!  This new organization method is saving my life right now.  My husband and I were brainstorming about how we could make my polish station/workplace/computer desk in the family room safe for the kids. I don't want to always have to move EVERYTHING back and forth from the family room to our bedroom where I can make sure everything is locked up, but that's what I've been doing to keep things safe.  We have a two-year-old who thinks she should be painting as much as mommy is, and our eight-year-old is autistic and makes it his mission in life to get into everything he can!  Those two combined makes it so I practically panic every time I leave the family room area and can't have my eye on the polish... acetone... clippers... lotions... all the things that are so tempting for the kiddos but I need to have handy for swatching/nail art. However, the past two weeks have been awesome!  I never worry anymore, now that I have this solution. Here's the video that goes over how you can childproof your own area:

I hope you found this helpful and if you try this for yourself, let me know!  I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bonita Salon Witches Ball Collection

Hi loves :)  Today I'm reviewing the Halloween collection from Bonita Salon called Witches Ball.  It's interesting that they already have this collection out in July, but in any case- I found it at Rite Aid and it's lovely.  This is a very budget-friendly line of polish and the formula is always spot on.  This collection is no different from the rest of the polishes I've tried from Bonita Salon.  If you'd like to see my video review with live application you can do so here:

There are 6 polishes in this collection and they're nearly all one-coaters and filled with shimmer.  I loved them all :)  All swatches are shown without top coat- let's take a look:

We'll get things rolling with this Autumnal orange that is absolutely packed with silver shimmer.  It is called Coctails and Carving.  You can totally get away with one coat here, but I've done two.  Not really my favorite hue of the collection, but fits very well with the concept of Witches Ball and has an easy application.

This ghostly white/gray(also with shimmer) is called Dying to Party.  Even though this one was the only that gave me just a smidge of an issue with application, it still evened out ok and I rather like it.  This is again, two coats.

 You can totally do just one coat here, this is very pigmented and rich- it's called Eat, Drink & Be Scary.  There is silver and blue shimmer in this very dark gray.  You're looking at two coats, but like I said, you don't need it.  Easy application.

They included an orchid/lavender with the same silver shimmer and called it Lacquer Treats.  Again, an easy application and this soft purple makes for a nice surprise.  I've show you two coats here.

Next they've given us a bright raspberry red called Too Cute to Spook.  Again, pretty much a one-coater here, easy application like the rest.  This is definitely the punchiest of the collection.

Lastly they gave us this green metallic that rides somewhere between olive and spring green.  It is called Wicked Good Time, and that it is.  As you can see- there were a few brush stroke issues here, but you only need one coat and I've shown you how it looks at two.  Perhaps at just one coat I wouldn't have run into any issues.  This color is AMAZING.  Absolutely my favorite of the bunch for how brilliant it shines and how original it is.  I think the whole collection is fab, but I'd definitely snatch this one if I were you.

And there you have it.  I know a few of you have been waiting for me to put pics up for this collection and I wanted to put some other videos up first because this is a collection for Halloween and I think it will be around a while.  I hope that is the case so you all have the chance to get any that you like.  Happy shopping, and tell me which is you favorite!

Have a great day :)  I'll see you back tomorrow.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest: 7/26/14

Happy Saturday Swatchfest day everybody :)  I hope you're having a great weekend.  Let's get right into this- you know the drill- on Saturdays we look at 10 random polishes from my stash that I've never featured on my blog before.  If you want to see the live application video of these polishes, you can do so here:

For red, I have China Glaze Igniting Love from the Cirque du Soleil collection to show you.  It's just a really bright red cream, on the youthful side.  You're looking at two easy coats.  However this polish stained majorly which I don't encounter that often with red polishes, so that was a major bummer.  For that reason I'd probably not recommend this polish over other red creams that you can find lots of places.  C

Julep Jules is a pale baby pink cream.  You definitely need two coats here, but it evens out nicely and I thought this polish was really lovely on even though I'm not crazy over pink polishes.  You're looking at two coats, and this had an easy formula to work with for this light of color.  A

Pure Ice Can't Stop is kind of a thin orange cantaloupe even though it's looking very bright and loud here.  I guess i'd classify this one as a crelly polish but it definitely becomes opaque in two coats.  You're looking at two coats here and the formula gave me no issues.  You can find Pure Ice polishes at Walmart.  A

Wet n Wild Megalast A Venice Day is a sheer sunny-to-lemon yellow cream.  It's really thin and was hard to get this level of opacity- you're looking at three coats- which I hardly ever do on my blog, but I just couldn't leave it in the sad state it was in at two coats lol.  I guess I probably wouldn't recommend this polish- there are other lovely yellows out there that don't require so many coats.  Sorry, Wet n Wild.  Try again next time.  C

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Makeover Loden Green is a totally cool camo green that leans a bit more brown even than the picture here.  I love that about it, and it's easy to apply and becomes pretty much opaque in one coat.  I've shown you two here, and I'd definitely recommend a top coat for this baby.  A

Color Club Ocean View from the Sea Salt collection is this textured, bright light blue that dries matte on it's own and has no sparklies.  I really love this shade but I'd probably prefer it if it didn't have the texture, but hey, it's fine.  It applied easily in two coats and that's what I've shown you here.  A

This funky polish is Spoiled Checkin' Into Rehab.  While obviously not opaque in two coats, which is what I've shown you here, I still enjoy this polish because it's so unique.  I love the jelly purple, but the pink flakies throughout make it so gorgeous.  You'd either need to use this as a topper...or use 3+ coats which is a hassle.  B

Sinful Colors Nirvana is classified as a matte polish, but I've shown you it here at two coats without top coat and it doesn't look very matte to me lol.  Anyhow, it's just a nice milk chocolate- a bit dusty and applies super easily and cream.  A

Sephora by OPI Mauv-ie Star in the Making over China Glaze Queen B.  It's made up of micro gold glitter and then hex pink and lavender glitters.  They're all kind of muted which I think is really interesting.  This is two coats to get this amount of glitter.  A

As for my A+ polish, I'm showing you the divine China Glaze Four Leaf Clover.  Double up on basecoat for this one, because just look at that pigment!  I didn't have any issues with staining, but I just like to be cautious.  This polish comes from the Up and Away collection from a few year back, which is a stellar collection by the way, and you can still get it in its entirety at sites like transdesign or head2toebeauty.  You're looking at two coats, and this is probably one of my favorite colors from China Glaze...ever.

And that's it!  I hope you enjoyed this swatchfest and that you're having a great day.  Let me know in the comments what you were wearing and loving on your nails this week.  Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you back tomorrow.

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