Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up 7/30/14

Hey guys, you know the drill. :)  Here are photos from our week.  

 I feel like there's probably an exact picture of me like this at her age.  Eatin tomatoes in an oversized t-shirt.

 Happy Ninja!  Even though he's incredibly bored with no school lol

Now this little lady is much easier to entertain and I can hardly get her to hold still for a photo.  This is the Flinstones hairdo at it's finest...actually it's a necessity- we can't keep her hair out of her eyes!

 One thing this Ninja loves is paint...and making a mess with it.  

 Thank goodness for washable craft supplies :)

 Lol, this was, "smile for grandma"

 More Pebbles

 Always creative with the hats!

And as for our little stud in Utah...
 Aquarium fun!

 Takin' the RV to Lagoon(an amusement park)


 Oh, that's how it is...

 Gardening at it's finest

 Helping Dad at work


Tuckered out

And that was our week!  Hope you're all happy and healthy and we send our love to you all!  See you next Wednesday!

Song of the Day: James Blunt- I Really Want You

Over and out

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