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OPI Neons Collection and Comparisons

Hey ever-body :)  Today I have the Summer 2014 OPI Neons collection to show you.  Furthermore I will be comparing them to the neon collections from 2013 and 2012.  If you'd like to see how these polishes apply and what the formula is like, you can see that in the video here:

As for the photos and review, we'll get to that now.  So to start, we'll look at the 6 polishes in 2014's Neons collection.
First up is this deliciously bright carrot orange called Juice Bar Hopping.  You're looking at two coats, and I felt like this was one of the more successful polishes in the collection.  On the first coat I thought this was going to be majorly sheer, but it really evened out nicely and the color is fabulous.

Life Gave Me Lemons is a light green/yellow polish.  It's a cream, but it needed three coats for this level of opacity.  This is the only polish in the collection that I'm showing you three coats of.  Even though it needed more layers, it wasn't difficult to work with in comparison to a few others.

My favorite of the 6 is this lovely cool green cream called You Are So Outta Lime.  This polish applied the easiest out of all of them, and only needed two coats for opacity.  Also, I absolutely adore the shade.  If you pick up any polish out of this collection, it should be this one.

Push & Pur-Pull is one of the polishes that probably really needed a white base coat, or even a light purple base coat?? Not sure because I didn't try it that way, but as you'll see this is reminiscent of the polishes released in earlier neon collections from OPI because it has a hard time standing on its own.

I really like the shade of the polish, but unfortunately this one was hard to work with.  Down to the Core-al shows ridges like mad and was sticky so I had to work fast.  It didn't need a base underneath for this level of opacity, but I was so disappointed with the ridges it created that really distracts from the beautiful color that is filled with pink shimmer.

Unfortunately another disappointing ridge-maker was this bright hot pink with blue shimmer called Hotter Than You Pink.  Just like the polish above, it made these lines on my nail that weren't there which is so distracting from the lovely color :(  Again, it was hard to work with and I had to work super fast to even get this level of evenness.  On the plus side- you can reach this level of opacity with only two coats.  I don't know if it was because I was reviewing a collection of mini polishes and had a bad batch or something, but I was super bummed at the formula of these last two.

Now that we've examined this year's neons, we are going to look at the polishes from 2013 and 2012, Neon Revolution, and Outrageous Neons respectively.  I will begin by saying that these collections of four polishes for each year are almost identical which definitely means that you don't need both from the past two years.  I will show you the colors side by side so you can see with easy comparison how similar they are(for example the yellow from 2012 will be directly followed by the yellow from 2013)  In general, all the polishes need a base of some kind, and they provide you with a white polish in each collection- but they don't all look good with white undies.  Let's take a look:

2012- Ridiculously Yellow- this is two coats over two coats of white.  It's just a regular sunny yellow jelly polish and not particularly brighter than other neons.

2013- Don't Say It- Yellow It! is pretty much the same color as the one above but just a tad less pigmented.  You're looking at two coats over two coats of white.

2012- Formidably Orange is one of the better polishes from these older collections.  It's very similar to the orange from this year's collection.  You're looking at two coats over two coats of white.  I think they do a good job with oranges.

2013- The Time is Pow! is a slightly different color of orange, but not far off from the year before.  Again it's just a bit less pigmented.  This is two coats over two coats of white.  I think I prefer the orange from 2012 to this one.

2012- Riotously Pink is a bright bubblegum pink that looks pretty nice I think and ok over white.  You're looking at two coats over two of white, per usual.

2013- Pink Outside the Box- again just slightly less pigmented than it's sister in the 2012 collection, but practically the exact same color.  Two coats of pink, two coats of white.

2012- Seriously Purple- As for the wild card of this collection they gave us a vivid violet- similar to the purple in 2014's collection.  However, this did not look nice over white because it was streaky :(  I thought this was going to be my favorite of the collection, but in comparison to the purple in this year's collection it just doesn't hold up.  I actually preferred all three other polishes from 2012 to this one.  This is two coats of purple over two of white.

2013- Blue It Out of Proportion is a really gorgeous hue, but this is another streaky polish.  The picture actually helps the polish because it hides some of the streaks.  Again, I thought this would be my favorite out of 2013's polishes but it looked so bad over white that I just couldn't get on board.  This is two coats over two coats of white.  I would have done a third of blue to try to reach opacity, but it would have just created an unreasonable dry time and a big mess in my opinion.

So, to sum up.  Overall, I feel that the collection from 2014 was the most inventive and successful. Unfortunately a few of the polishes gave me issues with application, but I've seen other people's reviews where they didn't mention that problem- perhaps it was just my batch or the fact that they were minis.  Of the two four-piece collections from 2012 and 2013 I preferred the Outrageous Neons collection which is from 2012.  It had more pigment and vivid colors.  Overall, I don't like having to use white undies from polishes because I feel like it makes the polishes too needy- they take too much time to apply and dry.

What do you think?  Did you pick any of these up or are you planning to?  Let me know what you think of neon polishes in the comment below. I hope you have a fabulous day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

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