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Saturday Random Swatchfest 7/5/14

Hey polish lovers!  You're here, I'm here, 10 random polishes are here!  It's time to get swatching.  If you would like to watch the application and formula of each of these 10 polishes then you can find that here:

As for the reviews and grades for each polish, you'll find that here:
OPI Innie Minnie Mighty Bow is a nice classic sweet red with tons of shimmer.  You're looking at two easy coats.  This polish comes from the Spring 2013 Couture de Minnie collection.  If you are a red polish lover this one's pretty much a must-have.  I found my bottle at Marshalls, so you could try checking there or TJ Maxx.  A

Fingerpaints Pretty Tough Pink is a really nice rosy pink metallic.  You're looking at two coats here, but I actually like it better at one coat.  It doesn't need that second one and actually distorts the finish a little bit. This was part of a four-piece collection that looked like molten metallics.  I picked this one up after it was already being clearanced.  I apologize if you're not able to find it at this point- but these are just randomly pulled from my swatched folder.  I think this polish gets a B+

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Heat Stroke is a really interesting color- look how you can see that iridescence shining through the pretty coral.  This swatch is actually pretty good, and maybe it's three coats because when I did the live swatch for the application video above, it was rather sheer at two coats and patchy as well.  I swatched this a while ago so I can't remember the number of coats I used, but I'd probably pass on this one.  B-

China Glaze Metro Pollen-tin is from the Spring 2014 City Flourish collection which was made up of a bunch of soft chalky creams.  This color is so unique and kinda funky.  Definitely not something I'd wear all the time, but I like it for how different it is.  I used two coats for this swatch and you have to be a little careful with application because the second coat can pick up the first one if you're not cautious.  B

Essie Navigate Her is a nice formula for an Essie polish.  I was able to do two easy coats with this kind of murky Spring green.  I really enjoy this color on the nail, even more than in the bottle.  I of course picked this bottle up at Marshalls because of my refusal to pay full price for this brand... but now you know what it looks like if you want to go searching for it.  It came out with the Spring 2012 Navigate Her collection.  A

Revlon Coastal Surf is from the Colorstay collection that is being moved out of drugstores to make way for the gel finish polishes.  I found this lady at Big Lots a while ago and if you see it, pick it up because I think it's lovely.  I don't think worth the old 8 dollar price tag, but definitely good at clearance prices.  This is smooth and creamy and you're looking at two coats.  A

Jordana Raging Purple is part of a textured collection that is made up of super-pigmented flat textures.  This one was only ok for me, even though it's such a pretty color of purple.  It was incredibly grainy, but you know me, I was too curious and had to give it a try during a 50% off Cherry Culture sale.  I would skip these ones from Jordana, but that's just my opinion.  B-

Nicole by OPI A Phil's Paradise from the Modern Family collection is kind of a grungy silver metallic. Honestly I didn't love this one.  It was just ok for me, and definitely not something I'm going to be grabbing for all the time.  I found this clearanced last year when the whole collection was leaving shelves to make room for other collections but this isn't one you need to search high and low for, take it from me :)  B

What a fun polish- this is Orly Milky Way from the Galaxy FX collection which is made up of 6 chunky glitter.  This polish has a light blue crelly base and is filled with white matte and copper hex glitters.  Milky Way does end up looking a little goopy on the nail but it's really fun.  You're looking at two coats.  A-

For my A+ polish of the week I give you Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Please Sea Me.  I had to use some extra bucks from CVS on this little lady because she wasn't on sale when I picked her up, but she is just so beautiful I couldn't resist.  A deep, creamy teal that doesn't stain and glides on easily- recipe for perfection if you ask me :)  This is two coats- per usual.

And that wraps it up!  Which polish of the group calls to you?  What was on your nails this week?  I hope you're well and happy and having a great weekend.  XOXO- See you back tomorrow :)

Song of the Day: Ellie Goulding- Anything Could Happen

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