Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zoya Tickled Collection with Live Application

Hey ya'll, I know this collection has been out for a minute but I purchased all 6 shades of the Zoya Tickled collection of creams during the Zoya promotion where you only pay shipping on 3 of their polishes(the hubs and I both participated), and I decided to go ahead and do a review because Zoya is truly one of my favorite brands.  If you would like to see how the polishes apply then you can view that here:

So two collections were released this Summer from Zoya- a shimmer/glitter collection and this collection of creams.  These are almost all one-coaters, they're perfect in formula so if any of the colors are calling to you, then don't hesitate to snatch them up.

First I'm going to show you my favorite from all 6, this is Rocha.  The color is so bright and powerful and really just a one-coater.  I've shown you two coats for this photo and I just couldn't take this one off it was so delightful.  I really don't have many reds like this and it was the biggest surprise win out of the bunch.

There are three pink shades in this collection.  The lightest of which is this bublegum pink called Kitridge. This was probably my least favorite of the bunch, just because I really don't gravitate to this color, but the formula was great, like the rest of them and so you'll like it if you enjoy this shade.  I've shown you two coats- and it definitely needs both.

Super soft and creamy, this is the mid-toned Wendy.  I feel like it's a great combination of watermelon and coral which sets it apart from the rest of the corals that are super trendy right now.  You're looking at two coats, but you can practically get away with one.  Definitely a favorite from the collection.

Rooney is this deeper pink has a lot of purple in it and it's a bit dusty, which moves it away from your typical fuchsia. Not really my favorite color to wear, but if I wanted a perfectly-formulated deep pink, this is the one I'd pick.  You're looking at two coats here.

What a unique green this is- they call this green apple cream Tilda.  You can totally get away with one coat on this green which is amazing for a color like this.  This might just be the green you've been looking for to fill that spot in your collection.  You're looking at two coats, but you don't need it.

Last up we have Ling which is a gorgeous medium blue cream.  I only did one coat here to show you how perfect it is at just one coat.  This didn't stain my fingers and look how super glossy it is without top coat.  If you blue is your color, you need Ling! :)

And there you have it, all 6 perfect creams.  Which was your favorite?  Are you going to pick any of these up?  I know Zoya is one of the brands that doesn't go on sale all that often so for me, the Zoya promotions are a real treat.  I hope you found this review helpful and that you're having a great day!  See you back tomorrow.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Sinful Colors Go Full Throttle Live Application

Hey guys!  Another collection from Sinful Colors this month, this time they are 5 textured polishes with a racing theme.  The display says they are in a race rubber finish and high chrome.  It consists of 8 polishes but three are re-promoted colors.  Here are pictures of the display and the three re-promoted polishes.

If you would like to see the live application of the 5 textured shades, you can do so here:

As for the photos, let's take a look.
This is my favorite from the collection, it's called Rain Rubber.  It practically was a one-coater, and I think the very fine texture is just right.  It's so bright and lovely and didn't stain my fingers.  If you pick up any, I'd suggest this one.  You're looking at two coats.

This nice hot pink is called Rubber Ball.  It's so bright and lovely but it isn't a new color by any means.  Just within Sinful's own line, I found 4 very similar shades(all non-textured).  They are Pink Poppys, Outrageous, Sugar n Spice, and Boom Boom.   It is fun to have it as a texture though.  This is two coats.

The other favorite from the collection for me is this gorgeous red called Red Tired.  Two coats, just like the rest of them, this applied easily and was a bit runny, but manageable for sure.  I loved how bright and fresh it is!

The soft but bright orange in the collection is Burn Rubber and fits in perfectly.  This is again two coats and has the same formula as the rest- easy to apply and a great formula.  If you love oranges, you'll love this sweet citrus.

Last up and the oddball is Race Rubber which is a deep burgundy texture.  These colors sometimes stain my nails so I don't usually gravitate to them.  To be completely honest, I don't care for this one too much. Just in comparison to the other four it's not as pretty, in my personal opinion.  However, it had the same formula as the rest, and it was smooth and easy to apply and didn't end up staining.

Have you seen this collection?  I've noticed it in the display I showed you above, and also in this display:
It's that second row with the yellow stickers.  The top has three new Sinful Shine polishes, one of which I picked up, Too Cool for Pool which is on the far right and is a lovely light blue with lots of pink shimmer.

I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow! :)

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Essie Polishes Pt. 2

Hey peeps.  Today I have Part 2 of my Summer Essie polishes live swatches and review which goes over the Summer and Neons collections for 2014.  I gave you the full pictorial review a few days ago, and the second video portion is live now.  If you want to see how they swatch in person(this video has the majority of the "neons") then make sure not to miss this video.

I hope you're having a fabulous day and as always- that you find the live application and reviews helpful for your shopping/hoarding/obsession :)  Lots of love to you all!  See you back tomorrow.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest: 7/19/2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest, peeps!  We're going to look at 10 random shades from my collection that haven't had a chance to shine on the blog yet.  It's time we take a look at them; who knows, maybe you'll find something you really like.  If you'd like to see how each polish applies, you can find that video here:

OPI Stay the Night is from the Mariah Carey collection, and as you can see, it's a liquid sand polish.  This one is so gritty and I've shown it to you without topcoat here.  I think the black jelly base looks really nice with the fuchsia/red particles running throughout.  Maybe next time I'd layer this over black to get an even more intense look on the nail.  You're looking at two coats.  A

FingerPaints Etched in Bronze was in the clearance section at my local Sally's and I picked it up even though the color wasn't incredibly intriguing.  This polish looks more peachy/pink than bronze to me, and it does have a nice metallic sheen.  I don't see myself reaching for this polish very often but this brand has so many winners I knew I had to give it a try.  B

This sweet coral/orange crelly polish is Wet n Wild Megalast Love Me Some Muscles.  This polish is one of six in the All Access Beauty collection and they were all rather sheer and lack-luster.  I don't think the polishes are horrible, especially for the price, but just know you're getting thin, weak shades.  I give this polish a B-

China Glaze Sun-Kissed comes from the 2012 Summer Neons collection.  It really is a unique shade, unlike any other neon yellow I own or have seen.  It's really bright and has shimmer running all throughout.  It dries matte and looks nice and opaque in two coats.  A

Nicole by OPI Alex by the Books is a lovely soft sea green cream.  This polish came from the Modern Family collection and I think it's understated and lovely.  This applied without any issues and you're looking at two coats.  A

Nina Ultra Pro Twinkle, Twinkle is this really gorgeous textured blueberry shade.  You definitely need two coats and you can still see the nail bed just a little bit, but despite that, I really love it.  It has the sparkle, texture, and color.  Super pretty, and this line is very affordable.  You can find it at Sally Beauty Supply.  A

NYC Nolita's Lavender is a lovely, dusty lavender that seems a little runny but evens out well enough at two coats.  It's very similar to Jacaranda Flower from the City Samba collection that just released this Summer.  I think I prefer Jacaranda Flower to this polish, but in any case, it's still lovely.  A-

e.l.f. Chocolate is my neutral shade for this week.  It's a really deep chocolate brown that applies smoothly in two coats, it practically doesn't need that second coat.  If you are familiar with e.l.f. then you'll know that this is a very budget-friendly polish.  Their line consists of nearly 50 polishes and they're not the most inventive colors, but they make good gifts and they're a great place to start if you're just getting into polish.  A-

Orly Intergalactic Space is a black jelly polish that is really jam-packed with copper, fuchsia, and blue/indigo glitters.  You're looking at two coats so it can totally function on its own and doesn't need any kind of base.  This comes from the Galaxy FX collection and although it is rather a mess to clean up as most thick glitters are, it's so lovely.  A

China Glaze Gothic Lolita is my A+ polish of the week.  The polish that gets this spot is the one I didn't want to take off my nails after the swatch.  Look at this gorgeous purple and all the dimension in there.  You can see blue and lovely pink coming through.  The color is divine and it comes from the Spring 2012 Electropop collection.   You're looking at two coats and it was cake to apply.

And that's it, all 10 shades from our random swatchfest.  Which was your favorite and what was on your nails this week?  I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Bonita Salon Blooming Colors Live Application

You probably know by now that I'm a fan of the Bonita Salon polishes that have been showing up at Rite Aid since early this year.  The colors that came out in Spring were great, but I think they've made two more equally-as-lovely collections for Summer and Fall.  I'm looking at the Blooming Colors collection today which is made up of 8 polishes that are mostly creams but also has a frost and iridescent polish and a shimmer.  It's really well-rounded and all polishes have a stellar formula.  Each of these polishes retail for about two and a half dollars which I think it a great find for us budget-conscious polish lovers, and it shows the big companies that you don't have to charge nearly 10 bucks for a great polish.  If you'd like to see how the formula works on each polish you can see that here:

As for the photos and review, let's get into it.
First up we have a nice hot pink called #pink.  It is smooth and opaque at two coats and has a lovely iridescent quality.  I'm not over-the-moon about the shade but that's just because I don't gravitate to the exuberance of hot pink, but it is a really great polish.

Now here's a pink I can really get on board with- it's a bit squishy, more of a crelly polish and it has that lovely coral/pink mix going on.  It's called Miss Piggy.  You're looking at two coats and it was smooth and easy to apply.  I really love this shade.

Honey Me is a coral/mango that is smooth and creamy.  You're looking at two coats and it really is lovely.  I know this polish has been done a lot this year, but if you need just one more polish of this hue, then I definitely recommend this one to you.

They included a lovely creamy daffodil yellow.  It has a hilarious name- not sure why they assigned it, but it's called Creaaamson lol.  I like to look at a brand's yellow cream to judge their formula sometimes because there are so many stinkers out there.  This one's great and you're looking at two coats.  I had no issues here.

Frosty is a very pale green frost polish.  Normally frost polishes just create brush stroke issues and look rather high-maintenance to me.  It's not really my thing, but this one looks really lovely.  It's interesting that at the same time, NYC released a pale green frost... In any case, I think I prefer this one better.  You're looking at two easy coats.

Fall and Catch is this gorgeous teal with shimmer.  This polish is very reminiscent of the polishes in the Spring collection that all had this shimmer running through.  This is nearly a one-coater but I've shown you two here for consistency.  This one's great!

Juvia is a pale sky blue cream.  I've swatched it here at two coats.  As you can see it is fully opaque at two coats, and it caused me no issues with application.  It has no shimmer or iridescence and is just a great creamy light blue that could be a fabulous staple for your collection.

Spring Violet is probably my favorite of the collection.  They've made a perfect two-coat, creamy, dusty purple that just glides on the nail.  The color is so beautiful, I'm quite pleased that they rounded-out the collection with it.

What did you think?  These were all 8 polishes in the Blooming Colors collection and I couldn't find a fault with any one.  Have you found any of these at your Rite Aid and will you be picking any up?  Like I said, they're quite budget-friendly so I'd give them a go if I were you.  Let me know which is your favorite.  Mine are Spring Violet, Fall and Catch, and Miss Piggy.

I'm so glad you stopped by today.  I hope you found this helpful and I'll see you back tomorrow.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Zoya With a Bang

Hey loves :)  I had the Zoya Tickled collection arrive in the mail the other day and I'm preparing the live application video for you to see the fabulous formula on all 6 of the bright creams they gave us.  But for now, I have a little notd that uses four of the six polishes.  Here are some of the shades in action:

As you can see we've got some red, blue, pink, and green(and there are two other pinks that I didn't use in this look).  All of these colors seem to be fighting for the spotlight here- they all want to be the star of the show.  I can't wait to show you this entire collection, it's a gorgeous grab bag of vibrant creams.  That's all for today, I just wanted to get you thinkin' about how bangin' these polishes are in prep for the review.  I hope you're having a great day.  I'll see you back tomorrow :)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-up: 7/16/2014

Hey guys!  How's everybody?  We have mr. bug back at home now from Utah and he's in Summer school and loving it.  He rides in a really big new bus that's like climbing onto a camper.  Since he's been home we've decided to call him ninja now instead.  He ninjas everything, that little stinker! :)  Our oldest is still in Utah and having a lot of fun doing big kid stuff with his dad.  I have some pictures from their adventures too. Let's get into it.

 Missy had the job of squishing all the bananas for the banana bread.  She loved it!


 It's Ninja!  Checking out his bed again now that he's home.  He's been so excited to be back in the swing of things, and he's sleeping well so far- yay!

 Here is lady, checking out her new jungle gym her brothers' new bed

 And she figured out she could touch the ceiling from the top bunk!

 Our first trip to Walmart after he got home, he thought he was making out like a... ninja

 She's so funny, whenever she sees Midnight laying down she wants to lay down and pretend to sleep by her

 Crazy girl!

Now, pictures from Utah!  Credit to Kirk for these photos!
 A couple of studs!

 One more pic from Ninja in Utah, he loves sprinkler parks :)

Buddy has been rocking lots of outdoor fun now that Ninja's back home.  They've been exploring, hiking, and camping their brains out!

 The beautiful surrounding!

 What a work-out!

I love this picture!  The colors and structures are so beautiful!  And- the majorly too-cool dude in the forefront steals my heart!

 He was making this face cuz the rock behind him looked like it was just going to slide right off the mountain!

 adventure junkies!

 posing with the shuttle bus that takes you up the canyon

 wow, what a cool picture- again the scenery is so beautiful and then you've got my baller in the middle there!

I love that he's getting to have such a fun Summer doing new things!

And those were our photos from the week!  How was your week?  Did you get into any mischief?  We hope you're all well and we'll see you in another week!  XOXO

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lol this chick looks angry...

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