Monday, November 21, 2016

Saturday Random Swatchfest 6/20/2015

Hey there! Welcome to another swatchfest!  Hope you're having an awesome day!  If you'd like to watch the video of swatchfest, you can do so here:

Ulta Let the Flames Begin is just so great- I mean look at that color!  This is such a classic, bright red and this is two coats.  A

Sally Hansen Bubblegum Pink is a medium pink with very subtle shimmer.  This is two coats.  The formula was ok but the color's not my favorite.  B

L.A. Girl Hot Stuff is a warm coral orange cream.  The formula on this one wasn't anything to write home about.  I'd skip it.  C+

Zoya Severine is a soft gold metallic.  This polish was just ok for me.  There are a lot of gold polishes out there that have this frost look, and out of all of them, this one's a pass.  B

Pure Ice Saddle Me Up is great.  This is two coats and I just love the look of this gold and green combo.  A

Orly Boho Bonnet is one of my favorites from the week.  Orly really knows how to do a great cream and I love gray polishes!  This is two easy coats.  A

Julie G Butterflies & Rosebuds was kind of a miss for me.  As you can see, this was kind of patchy at two coats.  The color is pretty, but for not being very unique, it needed to have a better formula to impress me.  C

China Glaze Bat My Eyes is a really rich microglitter.  It's made up of black and metallic olive glitters.  This has really great coverage at two coats.  A

OPI So Elegant is such a fun glitter.  I think the combo of silver and black hex glitters plus the spatter of micro black glitters in different sizes is just so versatile.  This is two coats.  A

Dermelect Phenom is my A+ polish of the week.  This color is just fantastic!  I just love the slightly dusty indigo cream and it's great at two coats.

Thanks for coming to hang out, I hope you have a terrific day


Saturday Random Swatchfest 6/13/2015

Welcome to another swatchfest!  If you'd like to watch the video of the polishes we looked at this week, you can do so here.  Come back again!

China Glaze Bend Over Backwards is an awesome, fiery, warm red luster cream.  This is two easy coats.  Loved it.  A

Sally Hansen Cherry Cherry Bang, Bang! is a perfect raspberry cream.  This is so great in two coats. Just another terrific polish from the Complete Salon Manicure line.  A

 Sinful Colors Horizon Shine is a bright red orange and it needs a bit of building up but it is pretty.  B

Sally Hansen Lemon Shark is nearly opaque at 2 coats.  They did a pretty good job with this one, as bright yellows are hard to make well.  This line from Sally Hansen is another good one.  Only a few aren't that great.  B

Deborah Lippmann I'll Take Manhattan is a teal chrome polish.  This is two coats and this kind of polish shows the ridges in my nails so badly!  The color is so pretty but I dont' care for the finish much.  B

 Essie Parka Perfect is a really interesting gray-blue-green cream with just a hint of silver shimmer.  This one has a lovely formula at two coats.  A

OPI Kiss Me- or Elf! is just so delicious at two coats, it's a cool red luster cream.  It comes from the Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 collection.  A

Zoya Imogen is a black pixie dust that has large holographic glitters.  This is taken indoors so the glitters aren't blinging as they do outdoors.  You're looking at two coats.  A

 FingerPaints Ka-pow! is a glitterbomb that has a clear base and red, white, black, and pink glitters.  This is two coats.  The colors are a fun combo but not enough comes out with each swipe.  B

Orly Prelude to a Kiss is so gorgeous!  Can you see why this is my A+ polish of the week?  The color is perfect and so was the formula at two coats.

Hope you're having a terrific day!  Thanks for stopping by!


Amour Summer 2015

Today we're looking at the Amour Summer 2015 collection.  If you'd like to see my live application review you can do so here:

Forever 18 Love is a great medium orange cream.  This is nearly opaque at two coats.  Fun color and these are a great price.

Wow this color is amazing!  This is Fusion Neon and this is two coats.  If you love hot pink, I definitely recommend this one.

Her Royal Highness is an awesome royal purple.  This is great at two coats.  Another favorite from the collection.

L'oreal Yellow Buzz is a pretty good yellow at two coats.  This applied easily enough at two coats.

Bam! Another hot pink, this is Neon Pink.  It's incredibly similar to the other hot pink in this collection, this one's just a little lighter.  They didn't really need both pinks in this collection in my opinion.

Ruby Kisses is a medium blue that is going toward turquoise.  This is decent enough at two coats.

Thanks for stopping by.  You can find these polishes at  I haven't ever found them anywhere else.


Essie Neon 2015

Today we're looking at the Essie Neons for 2015.  This collection is a bit of a mixed bag.  There are some good ones and some polishes with not-so-great formulas.  If you'd like to see my live application review of the collection you can do so here:

All Access Pass is a beautiful cool, dark purple cream.  I wouldn't really call this neon, but it is a pretty color.  The formula could be better though.  I'd choose a similar polish to this one before I recommended this one.

Coacha'bella is a beautiful bright raspberry.  I did really enjoy this one and you're looking at two coats.

Groove is in the Heart is a beautiful, almost-salmon pink.  This is another one I enjoyed and recommend.  This is two coats.

Make Some Noise is a bright medium blue.  While the color is pretty and it applies ok at two coats, this one stained and I'd choose a different polish instead.

Melody Maker is a really pretty color.  This applied fine at two coats but another you want to watch out for staining.

Vibrant Vibes is a super fun color but this one was kind of a mess to apply.  This is three sticky coats.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're having a great day!


Monday, November 14, 2016

Lechat Spring and Summer 2015

Today we're looking at two collection from Lechat, from both Spring and Summer.  There are such fun, bright shades here and you can always find Lechat's packs of deluxe minis for a great price at  If you'd like to watch my live application video, you can do so here:

First up is Dewdrops which is a bright spring green with oustanding gold shimmer.  The only thing about this one is it's a bit sheer at two coats.  I should have gone for a third but all the same it's so beautiful.

Morning Melody is a lovely medium blue cream that also could have used a third coat.  I'm sorry about the yellow tint here, it doesn't look as warm in person.

Orange Blossom is a super bright, juicy orange with tons of gold shimmer again, and again this could have used a third coat.

Peony Passion is the third polish in the collection with this ultra-bright gold shimmer.  The pink is so bright in contrast with the beautiful shimmer.  This is two coats as with the rest.

Rose Glow is an almost neon warm pink and it's awesome!  This is so lovely and glossy at two coats.  I didn't use any topcoat here either.

 Sweet Iris is a terrifically rich cool-toned purple.  This is two coats and definitely a favorite.

Castaway is the start of the Summer collection.  We have a light cool-toned purple again.  Very nice at two coats.

I love that they put a super hot classic red in this collection.  It's called Heatwave and this is two coats.

Into the Deep is the beautiful royal blue of the collection.  This is two coats and it maybe could have used a third.

 Paradise is the awesome hot pink cream of the Summer collection.  This is two coats and it's terrific.

Sunkissed is the coral pink of the collection.  There's a lot of white in this polish as with the rest in this collection which helps this color become opaque at two coats.

Last up we have Wanderlust which is such a unique shade of green, it's like an almost-neon, light shamrock.  This is two coats but it probably needs three.

Thanks for stopping by; I hope you enjoyed.


Saturday Random Swatchfest 6/6/2015

Hey guys! Welcome to another Swatchfest where we talk about random polishes from my stash.  If you want to watch the episode you can do so here:

 Zoya Salma is a slightly frosty warm red that has a killer formula as usual.  This is two lovely coats.  A

China Glaze It's Poppin is a fantastic fruit punch pink cream with very subtle shimmer.  This polish is awesome!  This is two coats.  A

Sally Hansen Sorbet is from their Smooth and Perfect line of very light, sheer creams.  This one was nice, but like the rest a bit too sheer for my taste.  They're definitely going for a very subtle, chic look here but this is three coats and I wasn't that into it.  B-

Nicole by OPI This Green is a Scream is a really fun, Shrek green.  This is three coats though cuz it was a bit patchy.  I still think the color is a great time!  B+

Sally Hansen Parrot is such love!! I just adore this green.  The color is unique and the formula is excellent.  This is two easy coats.  A

Orly Skinny Dip is a bright leaning-neon sky blue.  This one applied a bit of a mess- you can see the bubbles on my swatch and this was streaky too.  I think the color's great but I couldn't get on board with the formula.  C+

Deborah Lippmann Harlem Nocturne is a lovely indigo metallic.  This is going towards chrome but it's not quite there. It really does showcase the ridges in my nails though, I'd definitely double up on basecoat next time around.  This is two coats. A-

OPI Haven't the Foggiest is a beautiful dark silver metallic.  This is two easy coats and it does show the brush strokes a bit, but I don't mind with something like this.  A

Sally Hansen Beach Ball is a fantastic patriotic glitter.  It has a clear base so it's nice over a lot of things and I put it over the Orly blue we looked at earlier.  I'm not that crazy about glitter but I can definitely appreciate this one.  B+

My A+ this week is the deep and divine Ulta Devious.  This is so sexy and dark but still purple enough.  I'm showing you two easy coats here, and no staining.

Thanks for stopping by!