Tuesday, June 2, 2015

L'oreal Haute Florals Collection

L'oreal has a great new collection for Spring made up of creams and one glitter.  I wasn't able to find the glitter topper at any of the drugstores near me so I don't have that to show you today, but if you'd like to see live application of the rest of them, you can do so here:

Let's look at the polish:
We'll start out with this nice dusty rose called Rose Symphony.  These will all be shown at two coats, no topcoat.  This one is so flattering on and it's a great way to ease into Spring.

Next up is Hint of Lavender, which is just what it sounds like.  This is a pink cream with just a touch of lavender.  A great way to wear a pink, I thought this one was lovely.

Spring Showers is this lovely periwinkle cream which is so delightful.  I think this one is probably my favorite.

The pink/coral is called Sweet Nectar.  Such a bright fun color for spring, I thought it was great.

This one is called Violette.  I just love this shade of purple!  It's so vibrant and spectacular.

The last one is called Wispy Clouds which is a light powdery blue.  Really sweet and beautiful.

As far as formula goes, these are all a bit on the thin side.  They all look like they could use a third coat which is a bit of a shame, but they weren't difficult to work with so I liked that.

I hope this review was helpful and I'll see you back next time.

Have a great day!

Over and out

Saturday Random Swatchfest 3/21/2015

Welcome back to another Saturday Random Swatchfest where we'll look at then random polishes from my collection that I'm trying to swatch my way through.  If you'd like to see live application of all these polishes, you can do so here:

Let's get to swatching:
First up, for red, this is China Glaze Vertical Rush which is an iridescent deep red/berry cream.  This is two coats and it really looks flashy on the nail while still being classy.  A

Our pink polish this week is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Frutti Petutie, a hot fruit punch cream.  This applied easily at two coats and it didn't let me down.  I always love polishes from this Complete Salon Manicure Line.  A

Illamasqua Purity is our orange polish this week.  It's a lovely light peach cream and like the rest of the polishes I've tried from this brand, it's creamy and delicious.  A

Sally Hansen Tough Cookie was as close as I could get to a gold polish today.  It's mostly a taupe metallic with just a touch of gold.  This is two coats and it was just ok.  B

Our green polish is Julie G Shark's Cove and I'm showing you three coats here.  I really had high hopes for this polish because the color in the bottle is so gorgeous but it was a mess to apply, and you can see that even at three coats I couldn't really get it streak-free.  I do really love the color and the shimmer, but it just isn't worth the application.  C

FingerPaints In the Monet is a really great combo of blue and green.  It's a blue jelly base and it's packed with blue and green glitter.  I've shown you two coats here and it's kind of chunky on the nail. I've shown it to you here without topcoat.  A

Our purple polish is this amazing violet purple cream from Zoya called Mira.  This was nearly my favorite polish of the week because it's so easy and smooth and that color is on point.  this is two coats.  A

For neutral this week I'm showing you OPI Warm Me Up which is a deep brown taupe with some subtle gold shimmer.  This one was only ok for me.  I guess I'm just not in the mood for colors like this right now, but it just didn't appeal to me.  It's also kind of frosty-looking which isn't my favorite. This is two coats and as far as formula, it's nice.  B

For glitter we're looking at Morgan Taylor Snow Place Like Home which is a champagne glitter topper.  It has some holographic in there which makes it extra special.  I've put it over Illamasqua Purity.  A

My A+ polish of the week is KB Shimmer Stonewashed which is a warm deep, dusty blue green.  I'm showing you two coats here without topcoat.  The color is just sexy and soothing.

I hope you enjoyed these polishes this week.  What was your A+ polish of the week?

Have a great day and I'll see you back next time.

Over and out

My Top 10 Orange Polishes

So it was definitely time for another polish favorites.  Next up was orange, so today I'm sharing with you my top 10 orange polishes in different brands.  If you'd like to see live application of each of these you can do so here:

Let's look at the polish:
First we have Essie Roarrrrange which is a squishy warm orange.  This one is really spectacular and easy at two coats.

China Glaze Life Preserver is another warm orange, this has a bit of brown in it.  I really love this one- it's definitely a go-to if I want a darker, warm orange.  this is two coats.

Two of my favorite oranges come from OPI.  This first one is A Woman's Prague-ative and it's an intense orange with gold shimmer.  This one is just so bright and special.  A show-stopper any day.

The next OPI is Deutsch You Want Me Baby which is a warm orange, almost red, that also has gold shimmer, but it's much more subtle.  Another showstopper, but in a deep, sexy way.

The next polish up is Maybelline Coral Glow.  Another great orange with gold subtle shimmer.  On the nail this really is amazing and it's drugstore, so that's extra fun.

Another amazing orange polish is Orly Ablaze which is a bit of a sweet orange which I really like about that.  It's almost a neon coral, with just enough orange in it.  Totally packed with gold fleck, it's really special and this is two coats.

This next orange is China Glaze Pop the Trunk and I'm showing you two coats.  It's another deep, sweet, pumpkin shade.  I love it.

Our super hot neon orange for the day is Savina Orange Blast.  I've never seen a more neon orange that get's opaque on it's own with no white undies.  This dries matte and it's easy at two coats.

Color Club In Theory is up next which is a lovely bright peach cream.  I'm showing you two easy coats.  Definitely a must-have.

Last up this group wouldn't be complete without Color Club Foxy Mama.  This is two easy coats of this bright peachy orange with intense gold shimmer.  Such a show-stopper, I guess Color Club is pretty good with their orange polishes.

I hope you enjoyed my roundup of favorite orange polishes.   What is your favorite orange polish?

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day and I'll see you back next time.

Over and out

Saturday Random Swatchfest 3/14/2015

Hi polish buddies! Welcome to another Saturday Random Swatchfest where we look at 10 random polishes from my collection.  If you'd like to see live application, you can do so here.

Let's look at the polish:
China Glaze Red Satin is the most gorgeous red cream! This one really surprised me with how much I quickly fell in love with it.  This is two easy coats.  A

Our pink polish is this pink base with multi-colored glitter called L.A. Girl Birthday Cake.  This is two coats and as you can see, the vnl is still there.  The concept of this polish is unfortunately better than the delivery.  B-

Zoya Thandie is this awesome summery orange with very fine shimmer.  This is two coats and it was so easy to apply!  I usually don't like an orange polish as much as I did this one.  A

OPI Oy- Another Polish Joke! is our yellow/gold polish this week.  It's this beautiful gold shimmer. I'm showing you two coats and you could probably go for a third.  Again, I didn't realize how much I'd love this polish, but it's color is just spectacular.  A

Wet n' Wild Shine Do Pass Go is our green polish.  It's a lovely deep jungle green cream with a bit of sweetness.  I did have a bit of staining so I'm not sure I'll wear this one again, but if you don't mind that, this is only a buck at your drugstore.  C

Flower Bluebell of the Ball is the first polish I've tried from Flower.  It's a nice dusty blue cream. The formula is a bit thin.  I was just ok with it.  Nothing too spectacular.  B

Poparazzi You're a Gem is the first polish from this new brand at the drugstore.  I've heard it replaces the Spoiled brand.  This is a lovely violet/fuchsia iridescent.  I'm showing you two coats and it was really just ok.  Again, the formula was a little thin and I wasn't floored by the overall performance.  I've purchased one other polish from this brand and I'm not sure if I'll pick up any more.  B

For neutral we're looking at the lovely Illamasqua DWS.  Every polish I've tried from this brand blows me away.  This one was actually a little thinner than the rest- usually I can get em done with one coat, but even at two this was really nice.  A

Our glitter polish is Sinful Colors Petal Be the Day and I really love this combo.  I've shown it to you at two coats over the Flower polish from above.  On it's own it's rather sheer so it's really better as a topper.  B

Zoya Taylor is my A+ polish of the day.  This is just the perfect, easy sandy neutral.  So gorgeous and perfect at two coats.  A must-have neutral.

I hope you had some fun looking at the lovelies with me.  Have a great day, ya'll.

Over and out

Friday, May 1, 2015

FingerPaints Picnic in the Park Collection Review

The FingerPaints Picnic in the Park collection consists of 6 fun polishes for spring.  They are fruity and fresh.  If you'd like to see live application of all the polishes you can do so here:

First let's look at One in a Melon.  This is a yummy red/pink cream hybrid that goes on smoothly and I've shown you two coats.

Frosty Lemonade is a very pigmented lemon yellow cream.  I think they did a great job with this one and if you're impressed with good yellows as I am then you will probably really enjoy this one.

The beautiful spring green cream they gave us is called Grassy Knoll.  Again, I think they did a great job with the formula of this one.  Another winner.

The first of the two glitters in this collection, this is Picnic Blanket.  What a cute concept and it totally works.  This is two coats, as with the rest.

The pink in the collection is called Sweet Spring.  This one is a little sheer at two coats.  I would say you could probably find much nicer polishes in this same shade out there.

Lastly we have You're So Antsy which is a black and white glitter in a clear base.  The glitters are of all different shape and size.  Totally fun.

I hope you're having a truly wonderful day and I'll see you back next time.  I hope you're really enjoying your spring, we're getting to the end of it already.

Over and out

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Nailentology Collection

I had the delight of reviewing the Pretty Serious Cosmetics Nailentology collection which is comprised of three polishes.  This brand is divine!  I can't wait to try more.  If you'd like to see live application of these lovelies, you can do so here:

The first in the bunch is called Eye of Copernicus which is an extremely dark navy packed with gorgeous shimmer.  This is magic in two coats and I wore this all week with no chipping.

Next up we have Khepri's Amulet, a lustrous jewel-toned blue green.  I'm showing you two coats and it's so delicious.

Lastly we have The Dragon's Curse, a spectacular light green illuminated with a gold glow.  This is two easy coats.

I only wish this collection had at least 5 more polishes.  If you haven't given this brand a try, I really hope you do.  Over and out

Saturday Random Swatchfest 3/7/2015

Today's post is on the polishes from my Saturday Random Swatchfest on March 7th.  We'll look at ten random polishes from my collection that haven't appeared anywhere on my blog.  If you'd like to look at live application of all these polishes, you can do so here:

Cajun Shrimp is a divine hot red/coral from OPI and it applies so smoothly in two coats.  This is perfect all year round, but especially for spring and summer.  A

Maybelline Mauve in Manhattan is up next.  This is two easy coats and there is something so soothing about this shade.  A

This fun and funky glitter from Sinful Colors is called Standing Bloom Only.  It's not really my shade of orange as it has a bit too much yellow in it but it's absolutely filled with glitter and is totally unique in my collection.  This is three coats.  B-

For gold/yellow today we're looking at Butter London Marbs.  This is two easy coats and I love how much yellow there is in this gold.  A

China Glaze Watermelon Rind is this beautiful deep sea green that is just packed with shimmer.  I've shown you two coats and you could possibly go for a third if you want this to appear even a bit more rich.  A

Next up we're looking at Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Eyes, a gorgeous blue with gold shimmer and tiny specks of blue glitter.  A

This perfect purple cream is Wet n' Wild Who is Ultra Violet?  This one is so great at two coats and it's only a buck!  A

Our neutral polish this week is Sinful Colors Vacation Time.  This is a great, warm nude and it's so creamy and easy at two coats.  Just a few dollars at the drugstore, this one's a must-have for nude-lovers.  A

This sparkling wonder is Zoya Cosmo.  This isn't totally opaque at two coats and it's super chunky.  I don't think I have another glitter that is as divinely cosmic as this one, making it's name perfection.  A

For my A+ polish this week, I present Illamasqua Nomad which is one of my first Illamasqua polishes and it really lived up to the hype.  First off the color is breathtaking but the formula is like butter.  If you can catch these at a steal on Hautelook, which is where I found them, I really recommend the brand.

Hope you found something here you like.  I'll see you next time.  Over and out.