Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and Monday Mani

Well hello all my dear friends and readers.  We are back from our Christmas vacation and ready to ring in the New Year!  My horoscope says this year is going to be kind of meh...but my hubby's is supposed to be smash bang awesome!!  So I am happy to take a back seat horoscopically ;) if it means good things for him this year! (I'm going to show my horoscope anyway and be a big baller in 2013!)  Gonna keep it short and sweet and wait for updates till Wednesday wrap-up so without further ado, my monday mani: the inspiration here being the new growth I hope we all have this year!

For today's nails I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as the base color.  Then using a small brush I painted on Pure Ice Free Spirit and then Color Club Ho Ho Holly.

Here's hoping your horoscope predicts great growth for you this year make this year one to remember!!

Over and Out

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Well my blogging friends and family- time to take a little Holiday Hiatus to celebrate the season.  Leaving you with this little angel's hello and goodbye and I'll see you in about a week.  

May you have as much family around you as you can stand and celebrate in joy and craziness!!

Over and Out

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday Mani on Tuesday: Holiday Nails with Some Attitude

Well, I am FINALLY in the mood for some holiday nails.  :) After wearing these for a week, I missed all the other colors so much I don't know if I'll be seasonail again this year...  I started with some candy cane stripes and added some yummy wintergreen stripes (or sometimes they surprise you with some apple flavor) on the accent nail.

But that wasn't nearly enough so I made my thumb solid red, stamped some leopard print on two nails and accented the red stripes with some gold glitter love.  This was after wearing it for a couple days already, so there's some wear but I had a lot of fun with this one.  The colors I used were Milani White on the Spot, Black Swift, and Rapid Cherry; Sally Hard as Nails Limestone; and e.l.f. Golden Goddess.

So, better late than never to get a little jolly on your nails!

Over and Out

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday Random Swatches 12/16/12

Well it's been an overcast, wet Sunday here, perfect for some random swatching!  We actually also did Christmas at our house today.  The whole family was sniffling and so we stayed in and huddled together and opened the gifts we got each other.  Not because we like to be rebellious so much as  the boys will be with their dad for Christmas and it seemed the perfect opportunity to have a nice leisurely celebration and not squeeze it in somewhere before they leave this weekend.  We even had Christmas dinner and we all pitched in because mom has been in a cooking slump...can I get a shout-out from all my turned-off-by-cooking peeps out there??

Anyway, pics of that to come...

On to the swatching!

I Tripped on the Red Carpet
 I had such high hopes for this red...I really did.  The color is just right for my skin tone and I thought this jelly will be just perfection.  However, I'm not sure if any perfect coloration of a polish can wipe out the scarring you receive from a staining/bleeding polish.  Booo- I have to mourn over my disappointment some more.  You get a C, I Tripped on the Red Carpet from Spoiled.

Craving Coral
 Fabulous Orange Crelly (Cream/Jelly finish)- the color was spot on, and the finish was nice and easy.  I give you an A, Craving Coral from Revlon.  This was another bargain bin find at Grocery Outlet.  Woot.

Pop Art Purple
 Now- I don't see purple here- it's dark pink all the way, but whatever you see- I hope you see love like me!  This creamy matte beauty is a playful attention-getter if I ever saw one.  Pop Art Purple from Fingerpaints- you get an A.

Don't be Cheesy
 I loved the name of this polish- to start out.  However, I didn't love love the swatch.  Now, let me give it the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe if I layered it over a similar yellow cream...but I was hoping for more opacity.  It does have a nice opalescent quality, but given the sheerness, and my eh over the color, I'd say B- to you Don't Be Cheesy from Spoiled.

 Ok, A right here for Barielle Decadence.  This deep teal shimmer polish was perfection in two coats.  So smooth easy to work with- it's still on my nails as we speak :)

French Kiss
 This rich cobalt cream- Pure Ice French Kiss was just ok.  Took me a little work to get a smooth finish here, and sadly this was a stainer.  I give you a B-

Buffy the Violet Slayer
 First of all- the theme for these colors from Wet n Wild Fastdry is so fun- this is Buffy the Violet Slayer.  Not the most creative compared to say- OPI, but they make me nostalgic :)  Also- surprise surprise- I love this shade.  Love Love- I probably wouldn't wear it on my nails every day because I'd miss my blues and grays, but maybe I'll just hang this picture up and look at it every day- love.  The shine is gorgeous and the color is just so rockin. A

Hushed Blush
 Another bargain bin find- I'm very happy with this one.  I'm not too much about neutrals when I paint my nails, but when it's just one of those days- I'm happy to have this color to go to.  With a beautiful shimmer and shine, this rosy-camel tan is just lovely.  A to Hushed Blush from Revlon.

Glitter Goblin
 I know this polish is way late ;) but hey I don't plan on only sporting this in October.  This is Glitter Goblin from the China Glaze Halloween 2012 collection.  After getting used to the fact that if you shop China Glaze clearance- you're getting collections after they're old news- I can just enjoy the fact that I got them half off and not really worry if I've gotten to wear them for that whole season, cuz who likes confines anyway.  I say wear what you like, no matter the season!  This copper based multi glitter throws in all kinds of colors as you can see- but keeps it to the copper/orange-red family.  This polish definitely didn't speak to me like ....the next color...but I also didn't try any layering options like I should have- so I'll put that on my to-do list.  On it's own it get's a B.

Sweet Peacock
Sweet Peacock, did I love this color!  When I can't take my eyes off my nails all day, and then the next day too since I couldn't bear to take the polish off- I know I'm in love.  Sweet Peacock from Orly is out of this world fabulous to me.  If you're wondering if it really glow/shines like that in person- it does and better.  I've never been so ga-ga over an Orly shade, but Sweet Peacock restores my faith in this brand's quality.  I picked this little gem up at Sally's Beauty Supply if you just gotta have it ;)  A++ color of the week!

Go paint those nails!
And don't forget to check out all the bling at
I'm trying to increase my inventory steadily- so you'll find new stuff there all the time.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: 12/13/12

For this week's edition of the weekly wrap-up I'm posting our gag roll from our family photo shoot this week.  These are all the almost, but not quite there... and the pics that made it on the card will be at the end of the post.  

This was quite an experience let me tell you.  Last year we had our fabulous sister Stacy take our pictures and this year we took them ourselves in our very own backyard.  We were ambitious- trying to get family shots and individuals all in one session and here's how our little family of goofballs fared:

Here are the "almost there" family pictures.

"I wasn't ready yet mom" 

"The sun is coming up over the hill and it's blinding me mom"

"Mom, you didn't quite get in the pic"

"This is getting old"

This one would have been "it" if the sun wasn't half on and half off mom's face...and baby girl could learn to be a little more modest

Poor Bear was staring up into the sun and blinding himself to the point of tears til we moved to a different location...bonehead move mom

Here is Bug's 500th "cheese" and it was starting to get a little cheesy- at this point he's thinking- "I still haven't gotten any dang cheese!"

Who's that monkey who snuck into this picture??






Mid- Shiver from the cold



"Mom, how much am I getting paid for today?"

"I'm over this."

"Hee hee I made a present for mommy in my diaper"

And after a family vote- the following pictures were chosen to put up on the wall and send out to you our loved ones.

Bug age 6

Bear age 8

Bee age 10 months

Phoebe and Tim

And finally one everyone was happy with.  

Merry Christmas to you all.  I hope your Holidays are filled with love, laughter, and family!  This is my favorite time of year for the almost tangible excitement in the air every day starting December 1st as everyone has wishes they're hoping will come true.  Whether it may be the presents the kids hope will be under the tree, our desires to reconnect with loved ones, and our re-commitment to having Christ-centered lives as another year starts.  Love and blessings to you all!

Over and Out

Monday, December 10, 2012

Announcement and Monday Mani

I am very happy to announce that I have opened the doors on my etsy shop's first section.  I am pleased to be able to offer my first collection of jewelry all completely handmade by little old me. You can find my shop here:  I will be following up this release with the opening of the second section of the shop which will offer ready-to-stitch cross-stitch kits- handmade by my hands and heart :)  Very excited to have a platform to share the things I cook-up in the hopes that others will find joy and inspiration where I do.  Here's an idea of what you'll find there

Now it's Monday Mani time.

For today's manicure I used and OPI strengthening base coat, then applied three coats of Pure Ice Naughty Girl which is a light orange shimmer.

Then freehanding with NYC Sidewalkers I capped the corners of each nail for a different take on the french manicure.


I hope you DO try this at home =D

Over and Out

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Swatch Spam: 12/9/2012

This week I am showing swatches of all 10 "A" colors.  That way you know what you want to fill your stocking with ;)  And for a decent price I might add!  And we're off:

Sweet Tart
This raspberry-leaning red shine from Pure Ice is called Sweet Tart and with its good formula/finish and super price it definitely makes this week's list!

 My Silicone Popped
Usually I can figure out why a color has it's name, but My Silicone Popped by Spoiled... Huh? It is a very nice color- a blush nude is a wear anytime, anywhere color.

Sally Xtreme Wear Crushed is a super saturated, delicious orange with a lot of shine to boot.  Made me crave citrus fruit.  If you like orange for your nails- this one won't disappoint.

Swanky Silk
 This is a China Glaze Bohemian that I hadn't posted yet- Swanky Silk supposed to be a duochrome, going between gold and rose, which you can see just barely pictured here.  Even though this wasn't a standout among it's brothers and sisters, it still gets an A for being in the collection.

Turned Up Turquoise
 This super bright turquoise matte from China Glaze, Turned Up Turquoise is both playful and beautiful.  I'll probably try it with a top coat next time.

Unfor-greta-bly Blue
 This is a very velvet/seductive blue and of course I thought it was divine.  I love the velvet/suede finishes and this one has a happy home now with me! OPI Unfor-greta-bly Blue- I'm not blue since I met you...yuk yuk yuk.

 Pure Ice here again, with a granite-like color called Electric!  I dare you to say that this color isn't pure love...This is a frisky, dare-me black and if you see it at your Walmart- swipe it up!

Winter Wonder
 Here is my favorite of Sinful Colors' Holiday Collection- Winter Wonder is a fleck combo of wait for it...Purple, Gold, and Green....!  Too fabulous for words or this picture- you just have to see it for yourself :)

Not Now
Uh, Yes Now!  Not Now from Pure Ice is another from their latest huge release of colors and is a silky almost jungle green, but there's enough warmth in there to keep me from calling it jungle.  I loved this one so hard!

Purple Reign
As far as I'm concerned Purple Reign from Pure Ice is queen of my heart right now...Purple with orange/gold/pink fleck...I mean need I say more?  Well I will.  This polish radiates exactly why I <3 polish.  How can my mood be anything but loving to everyone around me with this on my nails? And as my A+ color wraps up this post, I will say:

Over and Out