Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: 12/05/2012

Another week has passed and I just have a few pics, but lots of good video of little monsters. Yay!! As always, we'll get right to it.

I love this little princess so much! Those cheeks just beg to be kissed don't they? Grandmas?

She gets so excited and scrunches up her little face when she's laughing...don't know who around here she could be copying with that scrunchy face.

This is laughing even harder.

Uncles- you'll love that drool going down to daddy's head...

My happy girl and handsome hubby <3

She's sitting on my lap right now as I post these just laughing (and drooling) at herself.

I think I might frame this one!

In other news, I found a loch ness monster in my bathtub the other day

He was just floatin around in there for a half hour or so, barely any of him ever surfacing.

That's all the pics from this week cuz I was busy taking video :)

Miss Bee has a learn-to-walk toy that she just started using for it's walking-aid function and here's the video of that.

The other videos I have are of Bug(the loch ness monster) demonstrating some of the new skills he's picking up in his class this year.  These are mostly for dad and grandparents to see how Bug's schooling is progressing :)  Truth be told, there is so much he does have a command of- but his inability to communicate in the way that we know how to/our inability to communicate in his way keeps him from showing us what he knows- but here's some things I witnessed during a trip to the classroom- and they're big for us =D  The only thing I didn't get on camera :( was of him putting the written days of the week in order when given the 7 days each on their own laminated pieces of paper.  That was so cool to see him demonstrating his reading skills!

Here he is showing he knows his numbers

and here he demonstrates how he has learned all his letters.  We are so happy about this growth!


  1. Little Bee is precious, and I just melt seeing her scrunchy face!! And your bath tub monster pics made me laugh. I love you and your sweet family. I'm glad your Bug is doing so well!! YAY!!

  2. Thanks Tracy <3 <3 I love the fact that your littlest just renamed your doggy!!