Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Swatch Spam: 12/04/2012

Ok so I'm really late with my weekend swatches, but better late than never.  Here's what I was wearing this week.  I have my favorite; find yours :)  

Cherry Crush
 Cherry Crush by Revlon is a deep cherry red shine polish and perfect for the season.  Revlon almost always has great application and formula, and recently I found some batched at great places at Grocery Outlet of all places.  Hopefully the G.O. near you is carrying them too!  This is two coats and gets an A for being a great red with no staining. A

Boom Boom
Sinful Colors Boom Boom is a dark hot pink cream that didn't really do it for me that much...maybe I'm just not that into the color- application was fine as with most from Sinful Colors.  I guess I give it a B.

 Wet n Wild Blazed is pretty much what you expect from a polish going for just around a buck at your drug stores.  I think the color is divine, but this brand's consistency and color selection just doesn't do it for me.  But when you gotta have a creamsicle/tangerine orange... :)  B

Bite Me!
 Pure Ice Bite Me! was love at first sight.  For being a relatively cheap brand too, pure ice has a million colors and finishes-found at Walmart- can be inconsistent with formula, but more often than not you're going to be happy with your choice, like this one from their new release of something like 50+ colors.  I think this is in their suede finish part of the collection- and it is molten love.  A

 China Glaze Agro from their Hunger Games collection- another bargain bin find :) lol if you just wait long enough everything comes on sale right? =p  Just have to have a little patience.  Well, this olive/metallic/somewhat gritty polish was worth the wait.  Great finish and application as always with China Glaze.  A

First Class Only
Spoiled First Class Only is another blue polish I adore...surprise surprise.  This glass fleck blue makes me think of expensive jewelry or swimming in blue kool-aid...hmm that's not quite right- what do you think?  Well it makes my heart sing anyway, and that's what I look for in finger candy. A

Bizarre Blurple
China Glaze Bizarre Blurple from their Halloween release this year is a play on the idea of a blurple (blue/purple).  What do you think- did they catch it?  This is a high gloss polish- pictured here without top coat.  Very lovely. A-

Beyond Infinity
 Misa Beyond Infinity just blows my mind- this should have been my A+ color, but was just barely outshined.  I love the fleck in this medium to dark grey polish.  It's so slick and I could wear this every day.  A

 Confetti Dragonfly is one of two confetti glitters I picked up the other day- mostly for the one not pictured here which is a red and gold combo.  Even on the nail- this one doesn't really do it for me that much- a combo of blue multisized glitters and some holo bars- layered over Sally Hansen Without a Stitch.  B

Navy Baby
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Navy Baby is my A+ color for the week!  Always on the look out for a great navy blue without staining- this little beauty filled the spot in my heart.  Almost black- perfect application- this was another G.O. surprise but you may find it at your local Kmart or Target.

Well my lovelies- I hope this inspires you to add a little color to your week!  What was your favorite?

Over and Out

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