Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Swatch Spam: 12/9/2012

This week I am showing swatches of all 10 "A" colors.  That way you know what you want to fill your stocking with ;)  And for a decent price I might add!  And we're off:

Sweet Tart
This raspberry-leaning red shine from Pure Ice is called Sweet Tart and with its good formula/finish and super price it definitely makes this week's list!

 My Silicone Popped
Usually I can figure out why a color has it's name, but My Silicone Popped by Spoiled... Huh? It is a very nice color- a blush nude is a wear anytime, anywhere color.

Sally Xtreme Wear Crushed is a super saturated, delicious orange with a lot of shine to boot.  Made me crave citrus fruit.  If you like orange for your nails- this one won't disappoint.

Swanky Silk
 This is a China Glaze Bohemian that I hadn't posted yet- Swanky Silk supposed to be a duochrome, going between gold and rose, which you can see just barely pictured here.  Even though this wasn't a standout among it's brothers and sisters, it still gets an A for being in the collection.

Turned Up Turquoise
 This super bright turquoise matte from China Glaze, Turned Up Turquoise is both playful and beautiful.  I'll probably try it with a top coat next time.

Unfor-greta-bly Blue
 This is a very velvet/seductive blue and of course I thought it was divine.  I love the velvet/suede finishes and this one has a happy home now with me! OPI Unfor-greta-bly Blue- I'm not blue since I met you...yuk yuk yuk.

 Pure Ice here again, with a granite-like color called Electric!  I dare you to say that this color isn't pure love...This is a frisky, dare-me black and if you see it at your Walmart- swipe it up!

Winter Wonder
 Here is my favorite of Sinful Colors' Holiday Collection- Winter Wonder is a fleck combo of wait for it...Purple, Gold, and Green....!  Too fabulous for words or this picture- you just have to see it for yourself :)

Not Now
Uh, Yes Now!  Not Now from Pure Ice is another from their latest huge release of colors and is a silky almost jungle green, but there's enough warmth in there to keep me from calling it jungle.  I loved this one so hard!

Purple Reign
As far as I'm concerned Purple Reign from Pure Ice is queen of my heart right now...Purple with orange/gold/pink fleck...I mean need I say more?  Well I will.  This polish radiates exactly why I <3 polish.  How can my mood be anything but loving to everyone around me with this on my nails? And as my A+ color wraps up this post, I will say:

Over and Out


  1. I have Winter Wonder but I couldn't see that beautiful green and gold flash on my nail wheel in my house. I think that might be my next mani!

  2. Ya I had the same experience! I totally didn't see it til it was on my nail and I took it around in different lights =D Have fun!