Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/30/2014

Hello everybody- happy last day of April!  Are you looking forward to May?  I sure am if it means we're going to rid our house of all the sickies that have been going on since February.  Boy, we've had another week of being under-the-weather here so I don't have too many shots of happy, healthy faces, but here's what I did capture from before the storm hit!.
 I managed to capture a few pictures of these two besties just hangin over the weekend.
Waaaaay too cool for this picture...

This cutie is starting to tolerate having her hair done, yay!

The only picture I got of Bug all week, was when I made them play "lemme take a selfie" and here was the face he gave me...

 and then I got this one from Mr. Bear...

and this one from Bee...ok so I perpetrated at least one crazy face

Well that's all from our week.  Really, we were just trying to recuperate around here and not pass the germs around to anyone else.  I hope these little faces find you happy and well at your house and that you continue to have a wonderful week.  Know that we love and miss you- friends and family far and wide!  See you next week!

Song of the Day: Baby Mammoth- Wend Off

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sliced Fruit Tips- Nail Art Tutorial

Hi loves!  How is your day going so far?  I have this super fun and quirky tutorial for you today.  I have seen fruity nail art all over the place and last year for the 31 day challenge, I think it was the day for the color orange, I did orange slices on my nails and it was so fun.  Today I have a tutorial for you today that shows you how to get that look, it four different colors/fruit options.  Here's my video that will walk you through the design.

So are you going to give this manicure a try?  I hope you do and let me know how it goes for you :)  Have a fabulous rest of your day and I'll see you back tomorrow.  Don't forget to let me know in the comments what you want a tutorial on next!  XOXO

Song of the Day: Avicii- Wake Me Up

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Monday, April 28, 2014


Hi everybody!  Happy Monday- I hope your new week is starting off well.  Let's get things going with a Big Bang...or some constellation nail art in other words.  Here's the look:

The polish I used as a base for this look is what really got me started off on this nail art in the first place.  This is Sinful Colors Starry Night and as you can see, it's black with micro glitters of mostly silver, but some multicolored glitters as well.  I thought this would be perfect for something galactic, and then from there I went.  It also has some silver shredded glitter in there too.  Here it is at two coats:
To be honest, on it's own, I'm really not that partial to it- but for nail art such as this it works fabulously! Well that's all from me today.  I hope you're well and happy!  See you back tomorrow for a tutorial.

Song of the Day: Afrojack feat. Eva Simmons- Take Over Control

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Simple Silhouette

Happy Sunday Dear Ones :)  today I had on this beautiful pink and I wanted to do something in black.  I settled on these flower silhouettes that I feel make a really interesting contrast.  Usually the beautiful thing about flowers are their vibrant and interesting color combinations.  In this case, the beauty is in the shape and delicacy.  Here's the look:

Here is the base polish, Essie Off the Shoulder, at two coats:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this manicure.  See you back tomorrow and have a fabulous rest of your day!

Song of the Day: Aly and AJ- Potential Breakup Song

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 4/26/2014

How is your weekend going so far?  We are in super relax mode over here after having a number of busy weekends in a row.  If you're here for the swatching though, I won't keep you waiting.  Let's get on with it- 10 polishes that have yet to make it out of my "swatched" folder and onto the blog:
Revlon Parfumerie China Flower is from their line of scented polishes and it's this very bright, creamy red that leans to the orange side.  I was a bit wary when I picked this up because I had such a bad experience with the other three that I tried from the line.  Basically the smells were giving me headaches...However, I had a coupon and extra bucks that brought two polishes from this line down to about $0.27!  So I went ahead and gave two more a try.  I am happy to report that I did not have issues this time and I think I know what it is- the sweet scents were what was doing it and this one is floral(as well as the yellow one I picked up called Sunlit Grass). So, Yay!  The formula on all the polishes I've tried in this line has been great(well the yellow was streaky...) and this red is right up there at the top.  Fabulous, fabulous- and yes, I could still smell the scent of this polish every time I had my hands near my face for the ENTIRE day I had this polish on. Also- just look at the shine on this baby- and all of these swatches are sans topcoat.  A

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Solid as a Rock is basically a wah, wah, wah....shade for me.  It's a nice baby pink with shimmer, but the polish just doesn't do anything.  I think I picked this one up for under a buck, but ya- unless you absolutely collect every baby pink you can find, I'd pass on this one- it was not the best application, and just rather dull.  C

Orly Rage is this megawatt penny-colored metallic.  This is just one coat and although these metallics can be kind of a pain in removal for the mess they make, I really did like the shade.  I'm a little over the metallic polish at the moment, but I like how this one changed it up a bit.  A-

Nicole by OPI Sand in My Shoe is from the new Roughles collection.  Basically they are a matte textured line of four polishes, and this one in particular is this soft yellow with orange particles throughout.  They aren't glitter or shimmer particles like some of the other textured polishes out there.  This is two coats and I really loved this one.  Very fun, very unique!  A

Zoya Josie is so divine.  I just love this shade of green, and of course Zoya does this cream formula fantastically.  This polish is from the 2013 Stunning collection of creams, and this was being clearanced out at Ulta last month, so yay!  A

Sinful Colors Fly Away is just wow...  I mean, there are hardly words for how gorgeous and bright this polish is.  It has a fantastic formula, it did not stain.  I mean, Sinful Colors really does do a great job at releasing such an abundance of great nail polish for the bargain shopper.  This one was released in the 2013 Break Away collection, but they repromote shades all the time so you're sure to see it again if you missed it then.  This is two lovely coats.  A

OPI A Grape Fit just gives me tingles, I love it so much.  The lavender/grape shade is just perfection, the formula, perfection- this is two coats and it's fabulous.  This polish is from the Summer 2009 Brights collection and I found this randomly at Marshalls.  I'm so glad I found this precious angel.  A

NYC Prospect Park Bloom is a very, very pale pink cream and in comparison to the one I showed above from Sally Hansen- I think this one is much more wearable.  I think it looks especially nice on a short nail and you're looking at two easy coats.  A

Sephora by OPI G-listen to Your Heart over China Glaze Lotus Begin is such a gorgeous fuchsia purple glitter, and layered over this pastel purple I found it just divine.  This is two coats of the glitter polish that combines micro glitters with medium hex glitters.  These polishes are popping up at Big Lots these days. Happy Hunting!  A

As for my A+ polish of the week, I give you China Glaze All Wrapped Up from this past 2013 Happy Holiglaze collection.  When I originally saw this in the store, I didn't know you could reach this level of opacity with this polish in just two coats, so I passed it up as just another microglitter topper.  However, I'm so happy I eventually gave it a go, because it is such a stunner.  It's this gorgeous blurple color that I just love and it seems to dry semi-matte which I also love.

That's it!  My random swatches of the week- what did you think?  What was your favorite of the ten and what were you wearing on your nails this week?  I love you all and I hope you're having a fabulous weekend. I'll see you back tomorrow and xoxo!

Song of the Day: Sir Sly- Ghost

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

China Glaze SURPR!SE Spring 2014 Collection with Live Application

Hi all!  How is your Thursday moving along?  I have a full collection swatch/review for you today.  We are looking at the Spring 2014 China Glaze SURPR!SE collection which is full of chunky glitters in a clear base. Here is the video where you can check out my first impressions and live swatches:

Are you a major glitter fan? I would say I am kind of middle ground.  Originally I only picked up two of these during a BOGO sale at Sally's because sometimes I find glitter too high maintenance.  However, there is something to be said with how much you can change up your manicure with a great glitter topper!  So what did you think?  Are any of these must-haves for your collection?  Let me know in the comments below! I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: David Guetta- Play Hard

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/23/2014

Hello loved ones, far and wide!  How was your week?  We had a fabulous time at our place and I can't believe that April is almost over.  Let's get right to the photo roll without further ado:
 Happy Easter!

 These Faces!

What a Stud :)

I had my little bro out to visit for a week and a half!  What a much-needed visit!

AND, since he was here to babysit, Mr. Man and I were able to have our first night out in over 5 months!

Speaking of kisses...

 They were practicing opening eggs for the next day.

 Ooh, it's kinda tough!

 I did it!

Uh-oh, someone found brother's glasses...

 Don't think that's quite the right chair for you, Bug.

 Lady squealed when it was finally time to wear the Easter dress.

Some fun from the egg hunt.

 The Easter Bunny knows me so well Mommy!

 Ah, the spoils!

 How Bug felt about having to hunt for eggs till Lady was done...and how she felt about it!

 Quite a pair

 Happy Bug rarely holds still enough for me to capture his picture.

 Not sure why the banana made her make that face but I can't believe how big she's getting already!

It's the traditional mission project time in school, but with a Lego twist!  Bear made this fabulous abstract model of the Yosemite Falls.  What a lot of work he put into this one!  Lots of fun!

And that was our week!  I hope you and yours are well wherever you are!  We love and miss all our family and friends and we will see you back next Wednesday :)

Song of the Day: Atlas Genius- Electric

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Distressed Nail Art Tutorial

Hi bunnies :)  Yesterday I showed you a distressed nail art design and today I have the tutorial for it.  This video is under 5 minutes, and the process of making this design on your own nails will take you just about 5 minutes.  Super easy and fun and you just need some white acrylic paint and a detail brush.  Here's the video if you want to check that out:

If you enjoy nail art tutorials like that one, go ahead and give the video a thumbs up so I know.  On Tuesdays I try to have a tutorial for you, and then on Thursday a review of some sort.  If you like that kind of stuff, you can subscribe to my channel and then you won't miss out!  I hope you're having a fabulous day, and if you give this look a try- let me know!  See you back tomorrow :)

Song of the Day: Animal Kingdom- The Wave
I love posting my song of the day because music just adds so much to my life!!  Leave me a note and let me know if you ever listen to my suggested song for you, please :)  I always want to hear what song you're loving every day too, of course!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Are You Feeling Distressed?

Are you feeling tired, and rundown?  Are you feeling distressed...?  This nail art is definitely feeling that distressed vibe! Here's a fast and fun design that pairs great with a dark nail.  I know we all get stressed on the daily, but I really do hope your spirits are high and that you aren't letting things get to you.  I paint my nails to lift my spirits sometimes- what do you do?  Here's the look:

Here is the base polish I used, OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, at two coats on its own:
As you can see, it is a very very dark green crelly that I was happy to discover, did not stain my nails.  I'll have a tutorial up on this look tomorrow.  Til then, I hope you're having a great day!

Song of the Day: The Airborne Toxic Event- The Secret

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