Thursday, April 10, 2014

e.l.f. Haul with New Products

Hiya Lovies.  In March I placed a couple orders to for e.l.f. brand products.  They had some 50% off sales, one of which was on bestselling and new products so I've picked up a few things I hadn't tried yet, including the shadow pots, single eye shadows, the brow treat and tame and some foundations.  Here is the video if you want to see my haul and hear some reviews of these items:

I hope you enjoyed the video and that you're having a fabulous day.  Have you given e.l.f. products a try yet?  They are an amazing bargain and if you're new to makeup and wanting to try a whole spectrum of products to start working with that isn't going to break your bank, you might want to check them out.  Like I mentioned in the video- wait for their 50% off sales- they happen on the regular, and if after the discount you've spent more than $35 then you get free shipping.  Shipping isn't bonkers fast, and sometimes there have been missing items in my order, but the customer service is great and they send the replacements out right away.  P.S. I'm not being paid for this review...these are just my genuine feelings.  If my daughter were getting into makeup and I didn't want the new interest to cost me a fortune, I'd take her to that website :)  I'll see you all back tomorrow when I may have some Totoro nail art for you!

Song of the Day: The Colourist- Little Games

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