Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest: 04/05/2014

Hey, Yay, It's Saturday!  Time for a swatchfest, peeps!  Let's pull out 10 random shades from my swatched folder.  None of these little babies have made it onto my blog yet, so it's their time to shine!  Here we go:
China Glaze Foxy is a copper red shimmer that is a really great alternative to wearing your true reds.  This is two coats and it has great dimension and I enjoy its originality.  A-

Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl is aptly named.  Super sweet for Spring, this is two coats and it's really warm and lovely.  For the price point, you can't get much better.  A

Essence Flashy Pumpkin is a loud, loud orange crelly polish.  I picked this up in the Ulta clearance section for a few cents.  This little baby glided on easily but is definitely a large-and-in-charge type of shade so watch out!  This is two coats.  A

China Glaze Champagne Bubbles is a really yellow-toned gold with small bits of silver glitter running throughout.  This has a rather runny formula and I actually don't care for these really yellow golds, I prefer them to be more on the silver side if you know what I mean.  Definitely not my favorite gold, but if you're looking for something just this shade, well now you know where you can get it.  B-

Now this color and formula is divine- Revlon Parfumerie Lime Basil is like the most gorgeous shamrock green...only thing is- the smell is terrifyingly lethal.  Ok, I may be over exaggerating a bit, but seriously the smell was so pungent I got a headache.  Such a shame because the color is fabulous!!  I therefore have to give it a B because of the smell.

Sation Unicorns are Teal is this delicious blue/teal jelly.  This is three coats to get this level of opacity and as you can see it still has the vnl characteristic of jelly polishes.  This is from the Candylandia collection, all of which is love.  Just such a pretty and unique polish.  A

Color Club Personal Stylist is so doggone beautiful.  It's a blurple that looks very similar to China Glaze Want My Bawdy.  I just love how the color has so much depth and the lustre just slays me with its brilliance. This is two coats and it comes from the Fall 2012 In True Fashion collection.  A

Zoya Noot is this super creamy dark gray that leans green.  It's such a unique shade and a great way to switch things up a bit.  This one is nearly a one-coater, but you're looking at two coats for good measure. Noot comes from the Fall 2012 Designer collection.  A

China Glaze Graffiti Glitter over Champagne Bubbles comes from the 2013 Glitz Bitz n' Pieces collection.  I haven't tried many from that collection- but this shade of green was just screaming at me.  I thought it would look so fabulous over gold, and I do like it a lot even though I'm not a crazy glitter lover.  As you can see it has multiple sizes of the emerald glitter, and it has multiple sizes of black glitters, plus bar glitter.  It's all in a clear base and this is just two coats.  A

I usually don't feature glitters as my polish of the week cuz I'm just not that into them, but I loved this combo so much!  This is OPI Minnie Style over China Glaze First Mate and as you can see, it's pink, red, and white hex glitters in a clear base, which really isn't that special on its own, but the combo over the gorgeous First Mate is what pushed me over the edge.  Minnie Style comes from the Couture de Minnie Spring 2013 collection and this is two coats.  This combo, and not particularly just the polish, receives an A+

And there you have it!  Did you find a new must-have?  What's been on your nails this week?  Love to you and yours :)  See you tomorrow.

Song of the Day:  The Colourist- We Won't Go Home

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