Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest: 4/12/2014

It's that time of the week again- time for some random swatch love!  I'm going to pull 9 shades at random from my "swatched but not posted" file and one completely non-random, favorite polish of the week.  Let's get rollin:
China Glaze Adventure Red-y is a fabulous true red, not too blue, not too orange.  This comes from the Fall 2012 On Safari collection.  This was easy to apply in two smooth coats, and I think it's an absolutely fabulous staple to have in your collection.  A

OPI Suzi's Hungary Again is a very sweet pink that leans a bit warm.  It comes from the Spring 2013 Euro Central collection and this really wasn't a stand out from the collection for me because there are so many pink shades out there.  The formula was fine, but the shade isn't really doing it for me.  This is two coats and it's just ok.  B

This is kind of a weird shade of orange...this is Brash Orange You Pretty.  This was being clearanced for like 49 cents a Kmart a while back so I picked it up...I say don't bother.  I have seen pretty orange polishes, and in my opinion, this is not one of them.  This is two coats.  C

Zoya Piaf comes from the Spring 2013 Lovely collection and unfortunately I was just not feeling this color.  This pale yellow with silver shimmer just ended up looking dead on my nails :(  I found this in an Ulta bargain bin, so at least it wasn't a major sorrow to my piggy bank, but still- I love Zoya and I don't like to find a polish from them that doesn't agree with me.  This is two coats, and I guess I'd recommend a pass on this one.  B-

Ok, so I majorly love this brand of polish.  This is Layla Softouch Effects in the number 06 and as you can see, it's this lovely, dense lime shimmer/holo but it dries matte.  I think it's gorgeous and it was a dream to apply.  I wish these polishes had names, sorry, but if you see this little baby on clearance at Ulta, give it a try. This is two coats.  A

Say hello to Revlon Colorstay Midnight, whom you can find for a bit of change at Big Lots right now, at least mine you can...I thought this dusty deep teal was so divine.  This is two coats, and it didn't stain a bit! Yay!  Not sure why some Colorstay polishes are biting the dust(in fact I have seen them on clearance at Walgreens too) but I likey.  A

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pink-Grape Fruit, is a gorgeous pink and purple shimmer/duochrome topper.  This is one coat over two coats of black.  Perfection in a bottle!  A

This is Color Club Show Time from the Fall 2012 In True Fashion collection, which had a lot of winners!  It appears that I chose to swatch this polish as a one-coater, but looking at it now, I can see that it would benefit from a second.  This is a gritty gray/charcoal metallic/shimmer...what a description I know.  If you love gray polishes, you'll love this one.  A

For my glitter pick this week, I pulled out Nicole by OPI Heavenly Angel from the Selena Gomez.  It's a holo shred glitter in a clear base.  I swatched it over Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle in Blazing Sunset.  This is two coats, and as you can see, it's still pretty sparse, but it's still entirely lovely.  A

As for my A+ polish of the week, I give you OPI Front Lawn which is such a fun and beautiful bottle of green polish.  This is two coats and it applied no problemo.  I found this one in a Marshalls and I couldn't find that it was associated with any collection, but if you love it, you might wanna look in your local TJMaxx or Marshalls.

And that's it!  10 more lovely(and some not so lovely) polishes.  Which did you love, if any?  What were you wearing and loving this week?  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you're having a fabulous weekend; I most-decidedly am :)  See you back tomorrow

Song of the Day: Afrojack feat. Chris Brown- As Your Friend

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