Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/30/2014

Hello everybody- happy last day of April!  Are you looking forward to May?  I sure am if it means we're going to rid our house of all the sickies that have been going on since February.  Boy, we've had another week of being under-the-weather here so I don't have too many shots of happy, healthy faces, but here's what I did capture from before the storm hit!.
 I managed to capture a few pictures of these two besties just hangin over the weekend.
Waaaaay too cool for this picture...

This cutie is starting to tolerate having her hair done, yay!

The only picture I got of Bug all week, was when I made them play "lemme take a selfie" and here was the face he gave me...

 and then I got this one from Mr. Bear...

and this one from Bee...ok so I perpetrated at least one crazy face

Well that's all from our week.  Really, we were just trying to recuperate around here and not pass the germs around to anyone else.  I hope these little faces find you happy and well at your house and that you continue to have a wonderful week.  Know that we love and miss you- friends and family far and wide!  See you next week!

Song of the Day: Baby Mammoth- Wend Off

Over and out


  1. Thanks for the weekly posts Phoebe. We love those boys! Hope you all get feeling better real soon - - like yesterday!!!