Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Wrap-Up: 4/16/2014

Hi everybody.  Hope you are all well and happy! We miss all your sweet faces and squeezes so much! Lucky for me, this week I got to spend some precious time with a few of my darlings I don't get to see that often.  Let's take a peek:
I was fortunate enough to spend a record-breaking 4 straight hours with my beloved sister whom I never, ever see!  This was so exciting for me, and we talked chatted so non-stop that I actually lost my voice for the next two days.  Sisters are the best!

This picture is so funky but no matter- it represents the special time I was able to spend with my dear friends the Marengos as they were sealed to their son for time and all eternity!  Beyond ecstatic for you three!

And then the rest of the week was business as usual, for example- Bug gave himself a makeover with some peach lip gloss...and I made him mug for the camera ofc

Miss Bee is still in full-time sticker mode!

One day, princess and I went to her own personal heaven: the shoe store- where she picked out the sparkliest shoes she could find.  We ended up settling for some silver glitter Dora shoes instead, it was a serious compromise on her part.

Bear was in charge of dinner on Family Night and pulled out some boss burritos!

This lady simply makes us laugh at all times, just by being herself

And I'll leave you with this super sweet, and peaceful moment.  Sigh...these two :)

Love from our house to yours!  Hugs and kisses to you until we see you next.  Have a fabulous day and I'll see you back tomorrow :)

Song of the Day: Ellie Goulding- Starry Eyed

Over and out

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