Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest: 5/31/2014

Hey everybody :)  Yesterday we discovered my computer needs a RAM upgrade and that's why I had so many issues getting this video up, but thanks to my lovely hubby, we recreated this review on his computer and I was able to upload it today.  Here is the video review of the ten random shades of the week:

Now, if the pictures and written reviews are more your style, that's still right here:

Nicole by OPI Star of the Party is a solid two-coater.  It's like a pinky-maroon.  I wasn't crazy in love with this polish, but if you love this shade then you'll enjoy this polish from a very trusted brand.  B+

Sinful Colors Bikini is another polish that I wasn't that mad over.  It is incredibly bright and has tons of blue iridescence running through it that really makes it shine.  If you love blue-toned hot pinks then you will need this polish.  It's a great two-to-three crelly that really makes a statement.  Not only that- it is incredibly budget-friendly.  B

OPI Where Did Suzi's Man-go? is from the Spring 2014 Brazil collection.  This is a bright peachy/orange cream that is opaque in two-to-three-coater depending on how carefully you apply this one.  Unfortunately it doesn't have the perfect formula that OPI is known for, but you can get it to even out if you're patient. Definitely not my favorite of the collection but it's a nice color and I'm glad I picked it up (BOGOFree at Sally Beauty Supply right now!) B+

Color Club Macaroon Swoon, oh how I love thee.  I am majorly into my yellow-toned polishes right now. This is like my perfect pastel yellow/creme shade.  It's not too Easter, if you know what I mean.  This is two coats and the polish is a little on the thick side, but not really a problem once you know that and are prepared.  This little baby comes to us from the Spring 2014 Paris in Love collection- all of which I have live application swatches/reviews for on my youtube channel so you will want to go check that out here:  I give this one an A.

Misa Got it Made in the Shade has been hanging out at my house for a little while now, begging to be featured and now it is her day.  I really like Misa polishes but I haven't purchased any in probably a year now just because they aren't as readily available to me, but I can't think of one I didn't like.  This one is no exception.  I just love this color combo of gray and green.  It really is kind of grungy for a gray and I like that.  This is two easy coats.  A

Mary Kay Tempting Teal is a divine one-coater that does not stain.  If you are dying for a polish this color that doesn't stain(sometimes that's hard to find) then you might be interested in this one.  My sister sells Mary Kay and so she sent me it- but honestly it's a little out of my price range so I won't be purchasing any more, but I am really glad I was able to try this one out because the formula is perfect.  A

China Glaze In a Lily Bit is a very pale purple from the Spring 2014 City Flourish collection.  I have also reviewed this entire collection if you're interested in viewing live swatches of it you can do so here:  There are lots of pretty purples and pinks in this collection and I pretty much loved every shade.  Of course I was gaga over this dainty purple.  The formula is a little patchy so you have to work at it just a bit- but you're looking at two coats so if I can do it, you can do it!  Love it.  A

Fingerpaints Bare No Secrets called to me from the bargain bin at Sally Beauty Supply.  The gold shimmer running throughout made me feel like this might be the perfect nude with a little something special.  While it is very sweet, it wasn't as fabulous as I was hoping.  Perhaps that's why it was being clearanced-out.  Who knows, but if you are a major nude polish fan you may really like this one.  As for me, I probably won't be reaching for it much.  B-

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Copa-banana over Sephora by OPI I'm Wired was released with a bunch of other matter glitter polishes.  Each polish is suspended in a clear base so they make really fun toppers.  I'm not sure if you can tell from my swatch, but it's a mix of black, yellow, and light green hex glitters.  I really liked all of these and this one's especially quirky.  This is two coats.  A

Pure Ice Wide Awake is my A+ polish of the week because I could not stop staring at my hands when I had it on!  I usually find that to be a pretty good gauge for how impressive a polish is.  It doesn't block all the vnl at two coats, as you can see, but I really liked wearing it this way.  This is such a sparkling beauty- wow! I'm not even a massive glitter fan, but this one took the cake this week!

And there you have it.  Another swatchfest is a wrap and I'm so glad you came to hang out for a bit with me today.  Most importantly, I hope you're happy and healthy and you're having a fabulous, fun, and safe weekend.  I'll see you back tomorrow for more nail art!

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Friday, May 30, 2014


Hey loves :)  Today I have a sweet daisy mani to show you.  This design was created by mixing acrylic paints and the base polish is a lovely, somewhat-sheer white from Orly.  Here's the look:

Here is the base polish Orly Gogo at two coats on its own:

That's all from me today.  I hope you're having a fabulous day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Polish and Beauty Haul

Hey Peoples!  It's time to haul!  I have a crazy(mostly-polish) haul for you today.  This is pretty much all the stuff I snagged this month, and yes I was trying to be good...this is me being good.  As you know, I am a bargain shopper, so nearly everything you will see in the video has been scored on sale!  Woot!!  If you want to see what I picked up during the month of May then you can find that here:

I hope you enjoyed this haul and that you're having a super fabulous day!  What stuff did you snag this month that you're loving...or not-so-loving?  XOXO!  See you back tomorrow :)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up 5/28/2014

Hey everybody!  How was your week?  Anybody else gettin lots of heat?  Oh man, since we moved into this new house...apparently our air conditioner has been out of whack.  We had someone out to look at it today, and now I know it wasn't at all before lol.  Thank goodness for AC!  Let's get on to the good stuff! Here's our weekly photo roll:
 Missy found out she could climb up and find what she wanted out of the fridge this week...oh boy!

 We had a wardrobe malfunction...

 Weedpulling adventures!

 Look at how many I got for you, Mom!

 And look at how big I can open my mouth, Mom.

 We went to the park and there were a whole lot of big girls there playing in the sprinklers.  Missy Bee had the best time ever trying to keep up with them!

 Hmm, you don't go very fast on the slide when you're soaking wet, lady.

 Doin' the "I climbed the rock dance."


 Uh, Mom...why are you looking at me like that?

The ice cream truck showed up at the park...we chose the less creepy option and stopped by the store for a cone with sprinkles on a very hot day.

 This is what I get when I point the camera at him these days.

 And then shortly after a food-fight ensued...

Bug thought this was hilarious!

And that was our week!  I hope you had a great one yourselves!  I don't want to jinx it but we all might be well, for the most part- finally!  Keeping my fingers crossed that nobody brings anything else home.  Hugs and kisses to all our family and friends that we miss so much.  Hope to see you soon!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Herringbone with a Twist Nail Art Tutorial

Hey, and welcome back!  I've been really enjoying making these really short and easy-to-follow tutorials for you that can be watched in about two minutes.  It really doesn't take any time at all to watch and then you're back on to your day.  Today I have a video that shows you how to get this look:

All you will need is a base polish of your choice, white acrylic paint(or white polish if you prefer) and a detail brush.  Here is the video:

That's it for today.  If you give this a try, let me know how it turns out!  Hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow :)

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Watermelon/Pear Hybrid?

Hey ya'll.  I have a watermelon/pear hybrid today for you...Are you thinking, what the heck?  Well I created a watermelon accent nail, but the polish I used as the base is called Pear Me Up from the brand Bonita.  I had Sephora by OPI I'm Wired sitting at my table when I was swatching Pear Me Up and I thought a watermelon nail art would be perfect using the two colors.  Here's the look:

Here is the base polish Bonita Pear Me Up at two coats on it's own:

What a megawatt polish!  This is super bright and it has this lovely silver shimmer running throughout.  I picked up three polishes from this brand when I found it at Rite Aid, and I tell you- I really like the formula of these polishes.  They're all one or two-coaters and they apply no problemo.

That's it, just a shorty today.  Hope you like this look and that you're having a great day!  See you back tomorrow :)

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Don't Think You're Ready for This Jelly

Hi loves :)  Happy Sunday!  I have a yummy jelly sandwich for you today.  If you don't know what that is, in the nail art world, it's when you take a jelly polish and a glitter polish- and sandwich the glitter between two layers of the jelly polish.  It's supposed to look like the glitter is floating suspended in the jelly polish.  I started out with L'oreal Berry Jealous which is a squishy hot berry shade and then I used China Glaze I'm a Go Glitter from the SURPRISE collection in the middle.  I topped it all off with another coat of Berry Jealous and there you have your Jelly Sandwich!  Take a look:

Here is Berry Jealous at two coats on it's own:
For a jelly polish this got satisfactorily opaque with just two coats.  I was very impressed!  And then to have it work so well for a jelly sandwich too...just perfect :)

I hope you enjoyed this look and that you're having a great day!  I'll see you back tomorrow :)

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest: 5/22/2014

Hey everybody!  How's your weekend going?  It's a long holiday weekend and I bet a lot of you have fun plans.  It got real hot here and now it's cooled back down so we are just enjoying it because it's going to be a very sunny Summer.  I am back with my random swatchfest and let's get right into it and get you back to your play day.  Comin' right at you we have your ten random polishes from my swatched folder that haven't made an appearance here on my blog yet:
Essence Me and My Lover is a raspberry textured polish I found at Ulta a while ago.  I didn't see any other textures besides this one, but these cute little Colour & Go bottles are so cost-friendly I just had to give their take on textures a try.  They call their textures "sparkle and sand effect."  Here is a look at two coats of this little baby.  Honestly, it's not my favorite take on textured polishes, and you know how much I love them so I've tried pretty much everyone's offering.  However, for just a couple bucks at Ulta, you might want to give it a try if you like textured polish as much as I do :)  B+

OPI Hey Baby is your basic pink that leans just a tad warm.  The thing that isn't basic about it is that the formula is impeccable.  I don't wear pink creams all that often, but this lady is now my go-to pink because of how evenly and easily it applies.  This is two coats and while I didn't pick it up when it originally released, I'm glad I snagged it when it when on clearance because the formula is effortless.  A

Sephora by OPI I'm Wired was a little treasure I found clearanced at Big Lots.  This is the perfect Summer Coral shade, and I really didn't anticipate it to have the creamy goodness it did.  This was two easy coats, and I had zero issues with application.  Totes recommend this one to you.  A

Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass is the bright yellow cream from Revlon's scented line of polishes.  These bottles have super cute packaging and after I figured out that only the fruity scents were hard for me to stomach, I picked up a few of the floral ones and I really liked them.  As far as this yellow goes, I was fairly impressed with the formula's consistency for a yellow.  Usually you can count on yellow polishes to be a hassle to get a nice even application.  This one wasn't perfect, but it wasn't terrible.  If you like yellow polishes, I think you'll like this one too.  Revlon is always putting out coupons so you are likely to be able to pick these up for just a couple bucks.  A-

Avon Chilling Teal was released in a whole collection of shimmering/shifting polishes and among other shades in this release that were fabulous, this one was a bit disappointing.  You're looking at three coats, and still, you can see so much vnl.  It's really too bad that it's so sheer, because since this polish isn't opaque, the color is just really kind of blah.  I don't hate this polish like I do ones that are sticky they become a mess, but I definitely don't recommend it.  C

Zoya Natty is a blue gray that doesn't go overly deep.  You can still appreciate the blue in this polish and yet it's still very conservative in my opinion.  Against another gray/blue from Zoya, Sailor, this actually leans a little green, so maybe this is more of a deep teal/gray.  You're looking at two coats, but it was nearly a one-coater.  As usual, I loved the formula of this Zoya cream.  This polish comes from the 2012 Designer collection.  A

Julep Paulette came to me from my May Julep box and the color is just gorgeous.  I mean, it made it even harder that I loved the May box so much to be ending my subscription service with them, but all things come to an end ;) and it was time for me to part ways.  This is two coats of this gorgeous orchid with rose/gold shimmer running throughout.  Just love it and it's right up my alley.  A

Color Club Fondue for Two is from the Spring 2014 Paris in Love collection.  It's supposed to be a chocolate brown cream and I think it really looks accurate.  It's just a little bit grayed out, which is important for a brown to keep it from looking too fecal if you know what I mean...Sorry for mentioning that, but seriously that's the most important thing about a brown is that it stays away from that place.  This is two coats, and it was creamy and easy.  I give it an A.

Orly Black Hole comes from the Galaxy FX collection released earlier this year.  The collection has 6 really interesting glitters and I just couldn't help myself from picking them up when they went on sale.  This lovely lady has silver, red, and blue glitters in an almost-black jelly base.  You're looking at two thick coats on it's own.  I didn't swatch it over anything because I wanted to see if it could become opaque on its own, and it isn't completely, but it does pretty good.  If you wanted to, you could definitely wear this over a black polish and it would look great.  As with most glitter polishes, its a pain to clean up, but its so interesting I think its worth the effort.  A

OPI I Sao Paulo Over There is my A+ polish of the week.  The Sally Beauty Supply near me has put the Brazil collection on BOGO until they're gone and I picked this little baby up which I hadn't really thought much about before....For regular price I just really wasn't ready to bring Sao Paulo home with me. However, wow this lady is a one-coater and such a calm and soothing color.  I had originally picked up the lighter two taupes which both had just an ok formula.  But this darkest taupe/gray(there is a darker raisin-taupe that I may still grab) has such a lovely application.  I was super impressed and I knew right then that I was going to feature it on Saturday.  This might be my new favorite of the Brazil collection thus far(I've only tried 5).

If you want to see a little chit chat about each of these polishes and live application of each then you can find that here:

And there you have it.  We've wrapped up another Saturday Swatchfest!  I'm glad these are such a big hit. Over all the kinds of posts I do each week, these are without a doubt the most viewed.  I started doing them consistently because I saw the Polishaholic do something similar on her blog and I loved them and wished she did them on more of a regular.  Btw, if you love nail polish and you don't read the Polishaholic, where have you been??  Anyway, I'm thinking of making this a regular feature on my youtube channel as well.  Let me know what you think about that.

I hope you're having a great weekend and I'll see you back tomorrow!  Much love to you :)

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