Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest: 5/3/2014

Happy Saturday Everybody!  And Happy Birthday to my little Bug!  He's 8 years old today- I can't believe it!  Of course I have written this ahead of time so that we can be off galavanting for his birthday today, but I couldn't not give you your Saturday Swatchfest!  So here it is- 10 random picks from the great vast of polishes that have not been featured in any way on this blog yet- so let's get going!
Orly Unlawful is a divine, middle-of-the-road red...not too cool, not to warm.  Application on this lady was fabulous and the formula really is a great cream/jelly hybrid.  This is two coats and I know I'm going to be pulling this one out next time I want a va-va-voom red.  A

China Glaze Itty, Bitty & Gritty is my pink polish of the day, and it comes from China Glaze's first textured release of polishes where they contain no shimmer.  I know a lot of people didn't care for these, but I was a fan, and eventually picked up the whole release at online discounted retailers.  This is kind of a peachy, coral pink, and this is only one coat.  A

Interestingly enough, it is almost the exact shade of China Glaze Surreal Appeal from the Cirque Du Soleil collection, except it has texture!  In the bottle they look practically like twins, and on the nail Itty, Bitty, & Gritty is just a tad darker.  Here is Surreal Appeal for comparison, which by the way I also really love- so if you don't like texture, but you love this rosy/coral/peach shade- snatch this one; you see it here at two coats:

NYC Hampton's Peach is really true to it's name.  It doesn't run too pink or too yellow, it really represents and I love this shade.  The formula on this one was a little thick, but for a dollar, which is what I paid for it in a bargain bin somewhere, I'm definitely lovin' this one!  It makes me so sad when such gorgeous shades are tossed in bargain bins(like my polish of the week that you'll see at the end of the post)- and then I realize that I shouldn't be sad because I just scored AND now they have a happy home with me ;)  A-

Jordana Yellow Madness is just how it sounds- just look at that punch of color!  Wow!  I picked this little baby up off Cherry Culture a while back and I was so excited to see that they had a small offering of textured polish, because I think Jordana does a great job offering great quality cosmetics at bargain pricing. This is two coats, and I maybe should have just done one- not sure it needed it.  This formula is similar to the China Glaze I showed you earlier because it has no shimmer or glitter particles.  I really enjoyed it.  A

OPI Did It On 'Em is from the Nicki Minaj collection that came out a while back.  It really is like that Shrek green but as you can see, this one isn't completely opaque at two coats, and it was a little finicky to apply.  That being said, it's really a unique shade...especially for OPI.  I like it, but it's not one I'm going to be reaching for all the time.  B

Sinful Colors Blue La La is from the recently released Chill Out collection.  This is another gorgeous periwinkle coming from Sinful Colors but is much deeper and more pigmented than the others they released this year- Hip to be Square and Sail la Vie.  I really loved those- and this one is their deeper sister.  Wow, it's gorgeous.  This is two coats and it applied nicely.  I'll definitely be grabbing for this one this Summer!  A

Essence Hello Marshmallow! was sitting pretty at 50 cents in the Ulta clearance bin.  It was so cute and perfect, I just had to bring her home.  She's a very pale lavender cream with light blue microshimmer running throughout.  You can definitely see that better in the bottle, but it is there on the nail too.  This was two coats and gave me no issues.  A

Sephora by OPI Nonfat Soy Half Caff, what a name...This is just your basic warm nude crelly.  I don't often wear these kinds of neutral shades to be honest, but it did apply nicely in two coats, so it's a good option for you if you're looking for something to fill that tan polish place in your life.  B

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Tweedy over Essence Flashy Pumpkin was kind of one of those polishes where you expected you might not like a certain trend, but you had to try it to know for sure...Well that's what happened here lol.  I don't like bar glitter that much, and then with this fuzzy collection, they just took matte bars and combined them in a clear base.  I picked up one in a bargain bin a while back, and as I thought...I didn't care for it.  Maybe it's because I swatched it over orange..but I don't thinkso.  I just don't care for this look.  Oh well lol you live you learn.  C-

So for my A+ polish of the week, I give you Fingerpaints Our Tips are Tealed.  Isn't this color absolutely gorgeous??  I found this clearanced for just over a buck at Sally Beauty Supply and once I had this one swatched, it just blew my mind!  It didn't stain and so I couldn't think of any other reason why this would be on its way out of Fingerpaints' display.  This looks like it hails from Emerald City, it's so sparkly and rides the line between emerald and teal.  I love this one!  If you find it, you must snatch it up!  This is two coats.

And there you have it!  Which polish of these 10 was your favorite?  What were you wearing on your nails this week?  I love to hear from you what your current obsessions are!  I hope you're having a fabulous weekend, and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Airhead- Wait

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