Friday, May 16, 2014

Encrusted Marina

Hey peeps!  Happy Friday to you- do you have any fun things planned for this weekend?  I had a movie night out with my hubby last night, thanks to my wonderful parents and it was a welcome retreat!  I had them visiting me for four days and now they are gone :(  However, I'm sure they will be happy to be back home and have their own retreat from all the crazy at my house.

So, shall we get on to the nail love?  The polish I'm featuring today is Color Club Marina from the Seasalt collection which is a group of 6 textured polishes.  They included tome metallic textures, and let me tell you, the antique gold shade Marina, really just looks like molten gold on my nail...Even though this look really wasn't my favorite out of the collection, I did feel like playing around with it today after I got it on my nails and here's the look that came out of that adventure:

I wanted to add a little bling, but not go overboard.  Although, I have to say, I am not against going overboard every now and then!  I added these pastel elements to look like some fun yet sweet gems with the gold and then to mix it up, a nice square silver stud to give opposition to the gold and the sweetness.  The shade of this polish looks even more brassy in person.  Here you see it at two coats on its own:
Sometimes with textured polishes you can get away with just one coat but Marina needs two.  This picture depicts the color more accurately than the ones incorporating the nail art.  See how it's almost a little green?  At least that's how it looks to me in person.  Anyhow, that's Marina.  If you're interested in seeing live swatches and review of the entire Seasalt collection you can view that here:

Hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow for our random swatchfest!  Take care!

Song of the Day: Of Monsters and Men- Love love love

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