Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up: 5/14/2014

Happy Wednesday ya'll!  How you doin' today?  I have a few pictures from our week; here's what we've been up to.  Still lots of sickies at our house...just leave already!  Anyway, let's just get to it:
 Mom, I totally didn't find where you had hid your Mother's Day chocolates...

Little lady, just saying hi- it looks like she found the chocolate too =p

 Always with the lipstick

 And, uh, facial moisturizer- this is where it goes, right mom?  Everywhere??

 Let's all tackle mom, and then take a selfie!

 My awesome climber!

 What a stud!

 Such a sweetie pie

 Grandma came to visit, bringing lots of homemade birthday gifts, just look at that face!  Man, this girl loves dressing up in anything with frills and bows!  Grandma was so sweet to put little kitties on everything because she knows how much Little Bee loves kitties!

 And shoes!!  Sparkly shoes!!  Sorry all these from my phone are out of focus, must have been- you all know how it is when so many little hands are holding your phone for you...

 She totally knows the concept of unwrapping presents now- that was a fun morning watching her excited expression over each and every thing that Grandma pulled from the magic birthday girl bag!

And then of course I had to snap a picture of this.  Couldn't find her, where could she be?  Oh, just in the laundry basket with the ipad, why didn't I check here first?

And that was another week flown by!  I hope you're having a fabulous day wherever you are.  Friends and family we love and miss you and hope to give you real squeezes soon- but until then- these pictures will have to do :)  XOXO- See you next week!

Song of the Day: Beautiful Swimmers- Spezi

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