Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer Live Application and Review

Hello all.  Today I bring you the 8 shades in the Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer collection with this live application and review video:

There are pinks, a purple, some blues and a green in here and for the most part- the opaque colors don't have much shimmer, and the sheer colors have lots.  Most of the shades required three coats to achieve opacity- except for Sugar Cloud(the lightest blue) which needed four for the swatch below, and then it still wasn't quite opaque.  Overall I really did enjoy this collection.  I am a textured polish-lover at heart and in comparison with other textured collections, these may have fallen a little short in terms of opacity, but these were actually really easy to work with and I enjoyed the color range.  Right now at, these polishes are listed at $4.50 a piece, but I believe they were more in store.  If you can get to an Ulta, I found some of them being clearanced for under three dollars.  My top picks after two coats were probably Mint Tint and Berried Under, although I truly did enjoy almost all of these after three coats.  Here are swatches of each:
 Sugar Plum is a peachy rose with gold shimmer.  This is three coats and one of my favorites.

Poor Sugar Cloud needed 4 coats for this level of opacity and still there's visible nail line.  This is a baby blue with gold and pink shimmer.  I good idea in theory but this is my least favorite because it's a bit of a pain in the buttocks.

Cinny Sweet is a raspberry, wine texture that has some shimmer in the bottle shot, but I was hard pressed to find any show up on my nail.  Still, I liked this one because it's very wearable and it only needed two coats.

 Work of Tart is a deeper, dusty blue that is close to turquoise.  This one has some gold shimmer that does show up, and I was hoping to like this one more, but I just couldn't get on board with the lack of opacity.

 Probably my favorite because I love the shade, this is Mint Tint and I think this could also pass as pistachio.  The shimmer in this one is really hard to see, but it does have some in the bottle...This is two coats.

Another two-coater, this is Berried Under and it's another very wearable shade.  Only thing is, it's another one where the shimmer doesn't show up a ton.  Too bad.

I really liked this one, upon three coats you got the opacity and lots of shimmer, as you can see it's a mix of gold and green-blue sparkles.  This one is a deep blue, but it didn't stain my nails and wasn't tricky to remove.

After two coats, I was somewhat disappointed with this little baby, Gummy Grape, but on the third coat, you again got opacity and shimmer- yay!  This has hot pink shimmers throughout and I really enjoyed this one.

How did you like this collection?  Will you be trying to get your hands on any of these?  Have a great one and I'll see you back tomorrow!

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