Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/23/2014

Hello loved ones, far and wide!  How was your week?  We had a fabulous time at our place and I can't believe that April is almost over.  Let's get right to the photo roll without further ado:
 Happy Easter!

 These Faces!

What a Stud :)

I had my little bro out to visit for a week and a half!  What a much-needed visit!

AND, since he was here to babysit, Mr. Man and I were able to have our first night out in over 5 months!

Speaking of kisses...

 They were practicing opening eggs for the next day.

 Ooh, it's kinda tough!

 I did it!

Uh-oh, someone found brother's glasses...

 Don't think that's quite the right chair for you, Bug.

 Lady squealed when it was finally time to wear the Easter dress.

Some fun from the egg hunt.

 The Easter Bunny knows me so well Mommy!

 Ah, the spoils!

 How Bug felt about having to hunt for eggs till Lady was done...and how she felt about it!

 Quite a pair

 Happy Bug rarely holds still enough for me to capture his picture.

 Not sure why the banana made her make that face but I can't believe how big she's getting already!

It's the traditional mission project time in school, but with a Lego twist!  Bear made this fabulous abstract model of the Yosemite Falls.  What a lot of work he put into this one!  Lots of fun!

And that was our week!  I hope you and yours are well wherever you are!  We love and miss all our family and friends and we will see you back next Wednesday :)

Song of the Day: Atlas Genius- Electric

Over and out

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