Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday Mani: First Time Stamping

Hiya peeps!  No this isn't my first time stamping- but the polish is called First Time from Pure Ice, so, there ya go =P  First off- this polish is yum and super affordable as I am a proponent of on this blog.  You can pick this brand up at Walmart for under 2 bucks.  First Time is an olive green frost/metallic that was applied smooth and easy in two coats.  I usually leave an hour for dry time when I'm stamping, and this polish dried quickly-bonus!  I need to try it next as the stamping color.

After an hour, using a MASH plate I stamped in black (white on accent finger) the same design but a few different directions.  Then using a thin brush I painted some black over the white design which I think I would take back if doing this again because the nonconformity compared to the other nails stood out too much- but eh you live you learn.

Here are some non-close-ups which I think do better justice to the look of this design.

The colors I used for stamping were Milani Black Swift and White on the Spot.

By the way it needs to be mentioned that my hubby got me this rather early, but rather fabulous Christmas present of a light box- and in case I have neglected to tell you enough hun- I love the light box! Thank you! =D

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