Monday, November 21, 2016

Essie Neon 2015

Today we're looking at the Essie Neons for 2015.  This collection is a bit of a mixed bag.  There are some good ones and some polishes with not-so-great formulas.  If you'd like to see my live application review of the collection you can do so here:

All Access Pass is a beautiful cool, dark purple cream.  I wouldn't really call this neon, but it is a pretty color.  The formula could be better though.  I'd choose a similar polish to this one before I recommended this one.

Coacha'bella is a beautiful bright raspberry.  I did really enjoy this one and you're looking at two coats.

Groove is in the Heart is a beautiful, almost-salmon pink.  This is another one I enjoyed and recommend.  This is two coats.

Make Some Noise is a bright medium blue.  While the color is pretty and it applies ok at two coats, this one stained and I'd choose a different polish instead.

Melody Maker is a really pretty color.  This applied fine at two coats but another you want to watch out for staining.

Vibrant Vibes is a super fun color but this one was kind of a mess to apply.  This is three sticky coats.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're having a great day!