Monday, November 14, 2016

Lechat Spring and Summer 2015

Today we're looking at two collection from Lechat, from both Spring and Summer.  There are such fun, bright shades here and you can always find Lechat's packs of deluxe minis for a great price at  If you'd like to watch my live application video, you can do so here:

First up is Dewdrops which is a bright spring green with oustanding gold shimmer.  The only thing about this one is it's a bit sheer at two coats.  I should have gone for a third but all the same it's so beautiful.

Morning Melody is a lovely medium blue cream that also could have used a third coat.  I'm sorry about the yellow tint here, it doesn't look as warm in person.

Orange Blossom is a super bright, juicy orange with tons of gold shimmer again, and again this could have used a third coat.

Peony Passion is the third polish in the collection with this ultra-bright gold shimmer.  The pink is so bright in contrast with the beautiful shimmer.  This is two coats as with the rest.

Rose Glow is an almost neon warm pink and it's awesome!  This is so lovely and glossy at two coats.  I didn't use any topcoat here either.

 Sweet Iris is a terrifically rich cool-toned purple.  This is two coats and definitely a favorite.

Castaway is the start of the Summer collection.  We have a light cool-toned purple again.  Very nice at two coats.

I love that they put a super hot classic red in this collection.  It's called Heatwave and this is two coats.

Into the Deep is the beautiful royal blue of the collection.  This is two coats and it maybe could have used a third.

 Paradise is the awesome hot pink cream of the Summer collection.  This is two coats and it's terrific.

Sunkissed is the coral pink of the collection.  There's a lot of white in this polish as with the rest in this collection which helps this color become opaque at two coats.

Last up we have Wanderlust which is such a unique shade of green, it's like an almost-neon, light shamrock.  This is two coats but it probably needs three.

Thanks for stopping by; I hope you enjoyed.