Monday, November 21, 2016

Amour Summer 2015

Today we're looking at the Amour Summer 2015 collection.  If you'd like to see my live application review you can do so here:

Forever 18 Love is a great medium orange cream.  This is nearly opaque at two coats.  Fun color and these are a great price.

Wow this color is amazing!  This is Fusion Neon and this is two coats.  If you love hot pink, I definitely recommend this one.

Her Royal Highness is an awesome royal purple.  This is great at two coats.  Another favorite from the collection.

L'oreal Yellow Buzz is a pretty good yellow at two coats.  This applied easily enough at two coats.

Bam! Another hot pink, this is Neon Pink.  It's incredibly similar to the other hot pink in this collection, this one's just a little lighter.  They didn't really need both pinks in this collection in my opinion.

Ruby Kisses is a medium blue that is going toward turquoise.  This is decent enough at two coats.

Thanks for stopping by.  You can find these polishes at  I haven't ever found them anywhere else.