Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up 7/9/14

Hey dear ones, far and wide :)  Sorry this is up late tonight.  How has your week been so far?  We've just been doin the usual and having fun all along the way.  We get one of our little blues travelers back on Saturday and we're so excited!  Here are pictures of our week:

 Bee pretending to sleep with Gramma's blanket

Out of all the different food options, this lady picks pico de gallo to eat every chance she gets

I know it's fuzzy- but here she is downing the pico.

On the way to see the fireworks

Bee's choice of frozen yogurt toppings to keep her busy while we waited for the fireworks.

My handsome hubby and our cutiepie all geared up for the display!

Wow, look at them, Mommy!

Then they started going on both sides of us, we had to keep looking back and forth to catch it all!

Her favorite jungle gym of the week

Sleeping Beauty

We went to an exotic feline reserve this weekend to see some big kitties since little lady loves them so much!

There were gorgeous peacocks there too!  Which were the first that Bee had ever seen.

This little buddy Cleo was so majestic and we were lucky enough to see him in all his glory from a very small distance.

This is in response to, "where's the kitty?"

Some more gorgeous adopted cats

We didn't think mr. jaguar was going to come out, but the snacks the trainer had were just inviting enough.  What a beautiful kitty!

I couldn't get over how beautiful these cats were and we were able to get so close to them.

We had to pick up a kitty and take it home with us, of course.  She picked the lynx... which we didn't even see at the reserve :)

As for the studs in Utah, here are some shots of the week.  My little gardener.

 Wow, so fun to see all the balloons!

Wish I had been there, what a great time!

Uh....I think someone's excited for these!

Official taste-tester of Krispy Kreme

Sooooo many fireworks!  Awesome!

I love the excited face!  Yay I get this buggie back on Saturday :) :)

And that's all from us this week.  We love you all and hope you're well and happy.  XOXO

Song of the Day: Empress Of- Don't Tell Me

Over and out

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