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Saturday Random Swatchfest 7/12/14

Time to swatch, people!  Let's look at these 10 random polishes from my swatched folder.  It's their turn to shine.  If you want to see how they swatch live, you can do that here:

Let's get to some pictures:
First up I give you L'oreal Pink Attitude which actually looks more red to me than pink, so I'm classifying it as red for today's swatchfest.  This is smooth and beautiful in two coats and such a fresh shade for this season.  This one's definitely a keeper.  A

Revlon Rich Raspberry is like a pink/purple hybrid, but it's going to be our pink today.  Nearly a one-coater, Rich Raspberry feels lush and delicious as you apply it.  I have shown you two coats here.  This lovely line is being clearanced at playes like Big Lots so if you see them, snatch em up- they have a great formula.  A

OPI Sprung is on the sheerer side at two coats.  I believe this is three coats because you can still see the nail line at two.  However, it's a really gorgeous shade for Fall and I just happened to find it at Marshalls one day.  It looks very similar to A Woman's Prague-ative from the Euro Centrale collection, but the difference lies in that this one is just a bit lighter. B

China Glaze Don't Honk Your Thorn was one of my favorite shades from the Spring 2014 City Flourish collection because it felt so fresh and clean among all those pinks!  It's a beautiful cream with a bit of caramel in it and lots of delicious shimmer.  This one doesn't have a great formula unfortunately(which is the same as many polishes from that collection) but i could get it to look this nice at two coats.  A

NYC Python Green is aptly named I think- it's very reptilian and still rather sheer at two coats.  I think at three coats, or over a deep green this would be a dream.  It's thin like the OPI Sprung from above. Unfortunately I can't remember where/when I picked this one up.  I think the concept behind this polish is really nice and I love all that dimension.  I just have to figure out the right way to wear it because I think the color will be absolute love when I get it figured.  B-

This divine one-coater is Bonita Salon Ride the Waves.  I mean, this color is undeniably brilliant, and packed with silver shimmer.  This did stain a bit, so for that I have to give it an A- but seriously I'm still in love.  Look out for this brand.  They're making a big splash in my opinion.  I have two new collections to review from them for you asap which are both fabulous.

Rimmel I Lilac You is this super sweet little lilac cream.  The 60 seconds formula was quite nice and I didn't have any issue with dragging or anything like you can get with fast-dry polishes.  I was quite a fan, but I probably won't pick any more of these up just because the mini sizes don't appeal to me that much except for testing purposes.  Still, I did like this one.  You're looking at two coats here.  A

For my neutral polish today, I offer you Color Club Look Don't Tusk from the Safari Garden collection. Such a gorgeous ivory shade, I absolutely adore it.  The formula was a bit thick so you have to manage the polish more than you probably would hope to have to, but I think it's worth it.  Ultimately I got it this smooth at two coats, so I'd say that's fine.  A

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Samba (shown over Nina Ultra Pro Shooting Star) is such a fun and happy combination of glitters!  I especially loved it over this silver which somehow comes off looking like a speckled brown to me in this photo...Anyway- yes I loved this line of matte glitters in clear base and this was one of my favorites. You're looking at two coats.  A

Color Club Holy Chic! from the Paris in Love collection is my A+ polish of the week.  You're looking at two easy coats of this periwinkle/lavender hybrid.  I guess I fudged a bit with the two Color Club polishes since I have already done full video reviews on those collections which you can find here Safari Garden and here Paris in Love, but they were somehow still in my to-be-posted folder so they got to have a spot on today's post.  I just am so in love with Holy Chic! that I couldn't help myself, what can I say.  Mommies aren't supposed to play favorites!! Shame on me :)

I hope you enjoyed this random swatchfest.  Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss any of the scads of reviews I have lined up for live application.  I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Afrojack ft. Spree Wilson- The Spark

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