Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jesse's Girl Satin Collection with Live Application

Hey guys, I have the 6 polishes from a new Jesse's Girl display I found at Rite Aid the other day and they were labeled the Satins.  Up til now I had never tried this brand's polish and let me tell you- I was wowwed! First off, these are almost all one-coaters and as smooth as butter.  They are also highly pigmented and a budget-friendly price.  As I was swatching them I just kept saying to myself, "ooooh, aaaah" lol.  If you would like to watch how these apply, you can do so here:

Let's get to some photos of these lovelies.

Amethyst is the royal purple satin they included in this collection.  Oh, it's so creamy and rich on the nail! You can totally get away with one coat, but I've shown you two here.  This color is divine and the fact that it's so easy to apply and ready-to-wear just makes me happy!

Azure is a color that just injects my veins with life!  This color is perfection!  This is the only polish of the collection that absolutely needs two coats for suitable opacity but I don't mind because it is divine!  I might never take this polish off again lol ok we know that isn't possible- but I exaggerate to make my point :)

Black Satin is a nice and clean, dark gray satin.  Nothing too special or extraordinary here, but it's a great standard to have in your collection.  Two coats shown here.

Brunello swatched interestingly- it looks very red/brown here but it had like this blue base which is hard to describe.  When all is said and done it basically is a deep red/brown with some lovely subtle shimmer.  Two coats here.

Cauldron is another deep red, but this time it has gold and red flakies in it.  You totally only need one coat here, and this one is thick.  I've shown you two coats for consistency.  Cauldron is a really rich Fall shad, that's fo sho!

Another absolutely blind-my-eyes-it's-so-gorgeous polish is Sea Glass.  Again, a one-coater but I've shown you two.  For you teal lovers out there (talking to you Yadi) this is a must-have.  I've shown you it here without topcoat as with the rest of them to maintain the satin effect of these polishes.  I am so head over heels in love with at least half of this collection and the rest are still really nice.  This polish is in the side that blows my mind :)

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful.  I loved finding this little gem in the drugstore and let me know if you've picked any of these up or are planning to.  I hope you're having a fabulous day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Haim- The Wire

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