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Maybelline Colorshow The Veils & The Jewels Live Application

Hey polish lovers.  I have two Maybelline Colorshow collections to show you today.  You may have seen these showing up at your drugstore.  One is called The Veils and the other is called The Jewels.  They are both made of 5 topper polishes that range from shimmers, to shredded pieces, to glitters.  If you would like to see the live application video, you can do that here:

As for on the blog, we're going to battle it out between the two collections.  Which one will win??  Let's get to some pictures, comparisons, and review:

The Veils

Teal Beam is a clear-based polish that is made up of teeny blue, yellow and green matte particles.  I wouldn't say they are glitters, kinda like uniform confetti.  I used two coats here for you and it applied with no issues.

Amethyst Aura is my favorite from this collection because I think the color of the glitters is such a lovely shade.  You have microglitters and medium hexes all in this lovely purple/indigo shade.  This is also two coats and no issues here.

Blue Glaze is a blue and silver topper that would probably be a full-on foil polish if it became opaque on it's own(but it doesn't).  I've shown you two coats over a blue cream polish which is what I decided was my favorite way to wear it thus far.

Crystal Disguise is  reflects polish which pretty much just adds a lovely blue and green reflect layer to any polish you add it to.  If you have a favorite polish that you want to give a little something special without having to deal with glitter, then this baby is your best friend.  I did one coat here.

Lastly in the Veils collection we have Rose Mirage which is made up of rose/copper hex glitters in a clear base. I feel is a really unique color right now when everyone's obsessed with rose/gold.  This one picks up a lot of glitter with each swipe, so watch out! :)  This is two coats.

The Jewels

This first glitter polish is made up of traditionally shiny hex glitters in every color of the rainbow, including silver.  There are also micro pieces of all the same colors.  This one's really fun!  You're looking at two coats of Mosaic Prism.

Next we have two polishes with shredded foil particles.  The first has bright gold foil in a clear base and is called Gilded in Gold.  This gives a nice affect and the particles were not difficult to get on the nail.  This is two coats.

The other shredded particle polish has bits of shredded platinum foil in a clear base.  This one is called Gleaming Graphite.  The particles lean a little bit to the blue side which I think looks really nice.  This is two coats.

One that surprised me how much I liked it was Platinum Adorn.  I assumed I wouldn't care for this because bar glitters typically make a polish look hairy, but actually when this was on my nails, specifically over a shade like the one I've shown it was very Tiffany-esque and felt luxurious and quite special.  This is two easy coats.

Last up for the Jewels we have Precious Pearl which has large white matte hex glitters and then small white particles(there's some hexes in there but also lots of irregular-sized bits).  I think this is my favorite of the second collection because it does give such a dramatic effect.  This is two coats.

I think if we're doing battle of the collections, I would recommend The Jewels to you over The Veils. They're just much more interesting in my opinion and more fun.  If I could take Amethyst Aura and possibly Crystal Disguise from the first collection and add them to the second, I think we'd be set.

So what do you think?  Have you seen these about and which do you find most interesting?  I hope this review helped you determine if you need any of these polish.  I picked these up on a Maybelline 40% off sale at Rite Aid.  I wish you happy hunting and as always, thanks for stopping by.  Have a fabulous day and I'll see you back tomorrow! :)

Song of the Day: The Naked and Famous- Young Blood

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