Monday, July 7, 2014

Wet n' Wild Street Art Collection

Hey loves.  I've had this collection and been meaning to find a time to post it and today's the day!  The collection is the Spring 2014 Wet n Wild Shine Street Art collection and it's filled with brights just right for Summer so I had to pick them up and give them a try.  It's pretty much a grab bag of shimmers, creams, crelly, and luster polishes.  They're under a dollar each so if there's something good here, it may be worth picking up.  The pink in the collection was not in the display so I don't have the polish Temptation to show you, but let's take a look at the five I was able to find:

First up we have the orange crelly Cursed.  You're looking at two coats and I have to say, I'd probably pass on this one in less you're desperately in need of an orange crelly- this one's so budget-friendly it might be a good one to fill that void.  However, it's not really anything special.

This purple crelly is Deception.  This is probably my least favorite of the collection.  There are just so many gorgeous purple polishes out there...this one's definitely a let-down and I'd pass.  You're looking at two coats.

This super bright yellow cream with very hidden shimmer is called Get Lucky which I think is cute.  As far as yellow creams go, this one's pretty good, and for just a buck- I'd say snag it if you see it.  Again, you're looking at two coats and this one was a little thick but essentially gave me no issues.

Look at this uber-bright sky blue!  It's called Here Comes Trouble and it has the same consistency as the yellow cream above.  It's on the sheer side at one coat, but really evens out on the second one.  This is another winner from the collection for the price.

Last up, I have this luster-shine polish called Too Hot for You.  This one was totally unexpected, and I think it looks great with that finish.  Practically a one-coater, this cherry red was thick but easy.  I enjoyed it, despite the fact that reds aren't among my favorite polishes.

In my opinion, the crelly polishes aren't really worth it, but there are some good creams here for the price.  If you can find these(I noticed them at CVS but nowhere else unfortunately) now you know my top picks.  I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow for some OPI love!

Song of the Day: John Newman- Love Me Again

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