Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Julie G Mardi Gras Collection with Live Application

Hey guys!  Did you even know there was a new Julie G collection coming out?  Miranda would say, "what the even heck??"  I hadn't heard about it anywhere and then I spotted it at my Rite Aid.  The collection is called Mardi Gras and it is so fitting as polishes are all bright, party glitters.  What I didn't know until I got home was that each polish also has texture in there too.  Since the glitters are so large, the texture doesn't really stand out to me that much because it's very fine, but if you weren't expecting the texture, it might throw you off a bit.  Even with the texture I still really enjoyed these 6 polishes with the party theme and I could definitely see myself mixing them all over my fingernails for a fun night out!

If you'd like to see these babies swatched live for you, that video is here:

Let's go ahead and start with the very feminine Trinket.  Her glitters are lavender, hot pink, and light pink, with tiny micro lavender glitters.  They are all nestled in a pink jelly base with the texture, as you can see- that kind of just suspends the glitter.  I mentioned in the video that the texture in these polishes reminds me of acrylic(like they use to build you a set of acrylic pink and white nails).  Very interesting.  I of course loved this one.  I'm showing you two coats, so these babies are not lacking on the glitter- it was easy to get plenty on the nail.

King Creole is up next and what a fun polish!  I love the yellow base combined with the fiery gold, orange, and red glitters.  There are at least three sizes of glitters in here too, if you can see.  I loved how original this polish is.  Definitely one-of-a-kind in my collection.  As with all the swatches, this is two coats.

Next we have Jamboree, and I think you green polish-lovers are really going to like this one.  The glitters are nestled in this spring green jelly with the texture and there are gold, aqua, and shamrock green glitters in there.  So fun- don't these all totally evoke Mardi Gras?  Love it!  Two coats as always.

There are two blue polishes in this collection.  In my opinion, you don't need both because they are very similar, but this first one is called Masquerade.  Laying in a medium blue jelly, we have large blue and gold hexes, with small red and blue glitters.  This is two coats.

Costume Ball is the other blue(as you can see, very similar) and has all those same glitters, but also larger fuchsia, and small green and gold glitters.  This one basically just has more colors of glitter with larger fuchsia hexes to make this lean a little more purple, but honestly it's practically a twin to Masquerade.  This is two coats.

Last up we have Bourbon Street and I really love this one.  I like all of them, but this one is truly a party in a bottle.  The glitters in every color of the rainbow are suspended in a gray/black jelly, which is not too intense that it detracts from the glitter.  You know, it looks like I had on some gray jelly polish and walked through a glitter factory that had some fans on...  This one is so fun, and definitely one of my top picks.  This is two coats.

You know, it's actually kind of hard to make top picks, I really enjoyed them all.  I guess if I had to keep just two, I'd keep Bourbon Street, and King Creole, but that's just because they're so unique.  I truly enjoyed them all.  Which was your favorite or were you not really feeling these?  It's time to party, people!  I hope you're having a great day and thanks for stopping by today :)  See you tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Blackmill- Let It Be

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  1. I just saw these yesterday and bought Bourbon Street and Costume Ball, I'm so happy to see the swatches up! Looks like I'll be going back for more, he he he. King Creole is so fierce!