Tuesday, July 1, 2014

OPI Coca-Cola Collection Live Application Swatches and Review

Hey Loves.  So it's finally time to look at the OPI Coca-Cola collection now that we've done three manis using these polishes.  Let's just start out by saying that in my opinion this is a well-rounded and beautiful compilation of shades and finishes.  If you would like to see live application of each polish so you know what the formula will be like, you can view that here:

On to the photos and review:
Coca-Cola Red is just THE PERFECT RED.  Now, I know I've said that before lol, but literally this shade of red is so gorgeous, and you know I'm not much of a fan of red polishes.  However- this is probably one of my favorites out of the bunch believe it or not.  It's almost a one-coater and super creamy and easy to apply. If they were going to get one of these colors right, the signature color of Coca-Cola would be the one to perfect.

Next up we have Today I Accomplished Zero, and you see it here at two coats on its own.  I think I would prefer this over black so that it looks nice and strong.  As it is right now- this is one of my least favorites in the collection.

My Signature is "DC" is absolutely stellar.  I've used one coat for this silver foil and it's so bright and clean-looking.  Absolutely my favorite silver foil I have owned.  Love it!

You're So Vain-illa is a nice creamy neutral that makes a great base for nail art, but unlike some of its neutral peers from OPI, such as Did You Ear About Van Gogh and My Vampire is Buff, this one isn't very easy to apply.  It got kinda sticky and I had to work to even it out, which is very unfortunate since this is such a great, clean shade.

Sorry I'm Fizzy Today is a pretty basic warm pink cream.  Nothing too special here, but great for my pink polish-lovers out there.  You're looking at two easy coats.

Get Cherried Away is a super gorgeous pink/purple hybrid that looks a bit more like a sweet burgundy to me, but no matter what fruit they wanna call it- I love it :)  This polish definitely needs two coats to achieve this level of opacity.

Green on the Runway is such a great addition to this collection.  They put a green and burgundy shifting duochrome in here!  So fabulous at two coats and easy to apply.  This color is divine.

A Grape Affair is a deep violet cream that isn't so dark that you can't absolutely tell that it's purple on your nails.  This one is easy to apply and you're looking at two coats.  This is shown without topcoat, as with the rest of the swatches are, but I think this one in particular would definitely benefit from a nice glossy top coat.

I don't have the orange glitter polish called Orange You Fantastic to show you because it wasn't included in the set my hubby bought for me, but it was probably one I wouldn't have gravitated to anyway.  It's basically an orange/yellow jelly base with gold, red, and orange multi-sized hex glitters floating in it.

And that's the Coca-Cola collection.  What did you think?  My favorites were first, Green on the Runway, second, My Signature is "DC", and third, Coca-Cola Red.  What were your favorites and are you planning on picking any of these up?

I hope you found this review helpful and entertaining and that you're having a great day!  I'll see you back tomorrow :)

Song of the Day: Death Cab for Cutie- I Will Follow You Into the Dark

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  1. I was just wandering, how do you store your nail polishes? I have been looking and different ways to organize my nail polishes and other stuff and I just can't seem to find something! Oh and btw I absolutely LOVE that red! <3

  2. Oh, I know- that red is so divine. Well as far as storage is concerned, I use a combination of nail racks and Ikea helmers, and then an excel sheet to keep track of everything and whether I've blogged about it and what nail wheel holds the swatch all that shenanigans. I've been thinking of doing a post about it but it's still kind of a work in progress so I'm not sure if it would be better to wait until I have everything in its place.

  3. Thanks.... There are just so many different ways to store nail polishes I just can't decide lol <3