Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-up: 7/16/2014

Hey guys!  How's everybody?  We have mr. bug back at home now from Utah and he's in Summer school and loving it.  He rides in a really big new bus that's like climbing onto a camper.  Since he's been home we've decided to call him ninja now instead.  He ninjas everything, that little stinker! :)  Our oldest is still in Utah and having a lot of fun doing big kid stuff with his dad.  I have some pictures from their adventures too. Let's get into it.

 Missy had the job of squishing all the bananas for the banana bread.  She loved it!


 It's Ninja!  Checking out his bed again now that he's home.  He's been so excited to be back in the swing of things, and he's sleeping well so far- yay!

 Here is lady, checking out her new jungle gym her brothers' new bed

 And she figured out she could touch the ceiling from the top bunk!

 Our first trip to Walmart after he got home, he thought he was making out like a... ninja

 She's so funny, whenever she sees Midnight laying down she wants to lay down and pretend to sleep by her

 Crazy girl!

Now, pictures from Utah!  Credit to Kirk for these photos!
 A couple of studs!

 One more pic from Ninja in Utah, he loves sprinkler parks :)

Buddy has been rocking lots of outdoor fun now that Ninja's back home.  They've been exploring, hiking, and camping their brains out!

 The beautiful surrounding!

 What a work-out!

I love this picture!  The colors and structures are so beautiful!  And- the majorly too-cool dude in the forefront steals my heart!

 He was making this face cuz the rock behind him looked like it was just going to slide right off the mountain!

 adventure junkies!

 posing with the shuttle bus that takes you up the canyon

 wow, what a cool picture- again the scenery is so beautiful and then you've got my baller in the middle there!

I love that he's getting to have such a fun Summer doing new things!

And those were our photos from the week!  How was your week?  Did you get into any mischief?  We hope you're all well and we'll see you in another week!  XOXO

Song of the Day: Fefe Dobson- Take Me Away
lol this chick looks angry...

Over and out

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