Friday, July 11, 2014

NYC City Samba Collection with Live Application

Hey loves :)  Another great budget-friendly collection for you.  This one's fabulous and it has something for everyone.  I'm talking about the NYC City Samba collection and you can pick up each bottle for about two bucks at the drugstore.  I found a display at Rite Aid so you can check there.  First up I have the video for you that shows how each of these polishes apply:

On to the photos and reviews:
Carnival Red is a great two-coater red cream.  The color's fun and fresh for this time of year, but it's not really anything special.  This polish didn't give me any issues, so for the price- it's a great red.

Tropicoral is a coral pink cream that is also a great two-coater.  I do like pink polishes that lean coral, but again, this one's nothing really special- we've seen it before.  However, like the red polish- it's a great bet for the price.

Sweet Melon is an interesting shade.  It's no secret that orange polishes are not my favorite, but this one's a cantaloupe shade with some iridescence which gives it that little something extra.  You're looking at two coats, and although this one isn't my favorite shade, it's no let down.  I feel like this was a great shade of orange for NYC to include in this collection.

This lovely yellow cream with shimmer is called Copabanana.  You're looking at two coats again and this one also gave me zero issues.  Even though it's not completely opaque at two coats, it's definitely workable and the bright sunny yellow is delightful.

Say hello to the odd-ball frost called Amazon Green.   As you can see, it's a bit patchy at two coats, so you could add a third but because it's a frost, it will probably just add brush stroke issues.  I'm generally not a fan of frosts but this color is really nice.  I would prefer it as a cream polish...but I do like things when they're a little different.  What do you think?

This GORGEOUS shamrock green is called Palm on the Beach.  You're looking at two easy coats.  You definitely need that second coat, but this one is pure love after you get it on.  Definitely one of my top two in the collection.

My favorite out of the bunch is definitely Ocean Blue.  It's magic in a bottle- just look at that shade!  This is two easy coats- did not stain my nails, give you just the right amount of purple in there, and it's so affordable. If you can get your hands on this baby, I suggest you do!

Lastly, they gave us Jacaronda Flower which is very similar to Nolita's Lavender that came out late last year. This version of the lavender is just a smidge darker, but they're essentially the same.  The only difference is that this one is kinda thin and runny on the first coat especially.  This does even out on the second coat though- so it's fine- not the best of the 8 in the collection, but it's alright.

And there you have it.  Another great drug store collection!  I hope the pictures and video helped you decide if you need these polishes or not.  Have a fabulous day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Empire of the Sun- Walking on a Dream

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