Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-up 7/23/14

Hey Folks!  It's time for me to wrap-up our week in a few quick photos.  For any of you that are new here, our family is spread far and wide.  Grandmas and Grandpas don't get to see these faces that often.  Instead of uploading a few pictures to facebook every day I save them all and put them in one easy place for our family and friends to be able to see what we're up to.  Here's some highlights of our week:

 Headgear options :)

What I get for taking a shower...

She LOVES brother's legos...don't tell brother :)


And in Utah, the party is still going hard!

At the car show he got to see the Back to the Future car :)

Aquarium crazies!

This lucky dude has a relationship with his great grandparents, something I never had.  He gets to spend time with them every Summer, it's wonderful :)

The rodeo!!

The tilt-a-whirl

He said he rode the most rides out of everybody- he almost barfed.  Not surprised, bud :)

Love my crazy monkeys!  We send you hugs and kisses from our house to yours and hope you and your family are well and having a wonderful Summer.  We'll see you next time!

Song of the Day: fun.- Carry On

Over and out

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