Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Orly Fall 2014 Smoky Collection with Live Application

Hey loves!  How's everybody doing today?  With my second Fall 2014 collection to review this month...I guess Fall is officially eminent.  Today we're looking at the Orly Smoky collection for this Fall.  It's made up of 6 polishes(4 are shimmers and 2 are creams).  If you'd like to see them all in action and use the formula application to help you make up your mind on whether you need any of these, you can find that here:

First up is Smoked Out which is a gorgeous deep emerald that flashes gold and copper.  This one applied just a little bumpy and dried semi-matte.  The color is so beautiful and from a ways away just looks black, but up close you see all this dimension.   Next time I'll just take a more careful hand to make sure it all lies flat, but overall I really enjoyed this polish.  This deep color didn't stain my nails so this one's ok with me.

The sister to the polish just above is this deep red/brown called Darkest Shadow.  The same kind of look as the deep emerald except this one dries with a glossy finish instead of semi-matte and I didn't get any bumpiness in the finish.  The intensely deep red has bright red, copper, and gold particles that really make this look like something special on the nail.  Again, from far away, it just looks black, but up close you get this dimension.  You really only need one coat on this polish but I've shown you two like I always do.

The first of two creams in this collection is called Blend.  It's like a mauve/taupe that goes a little on the deep side.  This doesn't dry matte but I'd prefer it with a glossy top coat.  It's shown here at two coats without top coat.  The formula is a little thin and runny so just take it easy :)  The formula was ultimately really nice.

The other cream is called Highlight and it's a smoky beige/gray.  The light neutral of the collection- it really balances things out.  I thought this one had another thin formula, but not as much so as Blend.  It's another great neutral, akin to some of the great ones from the China Glaze The Giver collection.

There are two dense shimmers that are more sheer rather than creamy like the first two I showed you.  This one is called Edgy.  It's a grungy chrome/bronze that reaches this level of opacity at two coats.  It's the perfect dirty Fall shade with so much dimension.

Of the two sheer shimmers this one needed three coats to reach this level of opacity.  It's a rose/gold combination that really flashes orange/salmon so bright on the nail but still very chic and it's called Brush It On.  This polish is so unique and brings a roundness to the collection.  So pretty.

I purchased this collection from transdesign but I haven't seen it at any of my local retailers yet.  Hopefully it will be there soon for you, but if you can't wait you can shop online like me :)  Are you ready to wear these Fall shades yet?  I hope you found this review helpful and you're better able to decide if you need any of these little beauties.  Have a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Future Bible Heroes- Satan, Your Way is a hard One

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  1. Lovely swatches, I am happy and sad that I am not crazy about this collection, maybe I'm not done with the bright summer shades. I do need need Smoked Out and Darkest Shadow in my life though.

  2. Do you have Parlez-vous OPI? I wonder how Blend compares to that one!