Sunday, July 13, 2014

What a Peach? and Updated Gradient Tutorial

Hey dolls.  I had on a gorgeous coral polish from NYC called Coral Crush and I really wanted to paint some peaches on my nails cuz I was feeling fruity.  Here's the look I came up with:

You could most-certainly pick just one of these designs to pain on your accent nail and leave the gradient alone on the rest of the nails.  Here is the base polish NYC Coral Crush at two coats.

I also filmed an updated gradient tutorial to go along with this mani, per request from a number of you.  This is my favorite way to make a gradient these days, it's super easy and works like a charm.  You can find the tutorial here:

I hope this helps you rock your DIY gradient and that you're having a fabulous day!  I'll see you back tomorrow :)  Love ya'll!

Song of the Day: Jason Derulo- The Other Side

Over and out


  1. Thanks this really helped me a lot! Oh and that color looks sooo good on you! <3

  2. I'm glad you liked it- this was for you, girl! xoxo