Monday, June 30, 2014


Hey Party People!  I don't know what this look is, honestly.  You know I love my graphic designs, and I just wanted to play with lines, symmetry and the lack thereof...  I hope you know what I mean lol.   Of course I'm featuring a polish from the OPI Coca-Cola collection again, leading up to tomorrow's review of the collection with live swatches. Enough said; here's the off-kilter look:

This would be a great design to use just as an accent nail if you didn't want to do it all the way across the hand, but you know I couldn't help myself and had to pay with all the different angles.  Now you can see them all and just pick the best one for your accent =p

That's all for today.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Charlie XCX- You(Ha Ha Ha)

Over and out

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