Monday, June 23, 2014

My Little Pony: Dash

Hey Dolls.  I had on this super vibrant blue from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line called Blue Flame and it just called for something punchy.  I decided what better than the little spitfire pony Dash from the cartoon My Little Pony.  She has really awesome rainbow hair!  Here's the finished look:

Here is the base polish Blue Flame at two coats:

Thanks for stopping by to spend some time with me today.  I hope you enjoyed this look and I'll see you back tomorrow for another collection review!  Hint- Orly :)

Song of the Day: Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith- La la la

Over and out


  1. You have some serious skills, this is so pretty!!! BTW I was at Rite Aid yesterday and got that teal Bonita! TY :)

    1. :) Thx Yadi. Ooh yay! So glad you picked it up. So I went to Big Lots the other day and they have poo poo in the cosmetics area, no SH texture scores for me, so sad- I think my Big Lots kinda blows lol

    2. Booo that is sad to hear :( I have about four within a ten mile radius and two I don't even bother with because their entire selection consisted of about six boxes of a black SC crackle and about four of SOPI blasted silver for about two months >.<

  2. I know this is kinda of of this nail art subject but could you do a ombre tutorial. I'm not really good at it and when you do one it always seems to be flawless! <3