Thursday, June 19, 2014

Julie G Cruise Collection Live Application and Review

Hey loves :)  It's time for another collection review.  I've had these most of these little ladies in my collection since they first released, but I picked up the rest the other day with the intention of doing a review for you. I'm sorry I didn't have these up for you before now, but I've seen these be restocked at my Rite Aid and that means that you might have the chance at finding these.  Originally I assumed this would be a quick promotion that would only be in the stores for a few weeks and then sayonara.  However, since they've been restocked at least one time I'm going to review them after all- in the the hopes that this will help any of you that have been on the fence over which(if any) colors to choose.  Here is the live application video and review:

Let's get to some photos:
This super bright sunny yellow cream is perfect in two coats, almost one!  Sorry for the little bubble I got on one nail- but truly this polish is fabulous.  For a yellow polish lovers- I fully recommend this little lady!

Next, let's look at the perfect-for-Summer red/coral in the collection.  This one's a perfect two-coater and really provides a roundness to the collection.

The orange/peach shade in the collection is called Old San Juan and it's formula is a little thin, kind of like the blue you'll see later on.  It evens out nicely with the second coat however.  You know I don't love orange polish, but this one is definitely a winner!

This beautiful pink/purple hybrid is Rio de Janiero and it has a fabulous formula.  This was nearly a one-coater and it applied so effortlessly.  I REALLY underestimated this polish.  Perfection!

You'll notice by the length of my nails I didn't swatch these last two in the same batch as the first four I showed you.

This lovely sea green with blue shimmer is Tahiti.  It's a perfect two-coater and the shade is divine!  The blue shimmer really makes this one something special.  I adore all of these polishes so it's hard to pick favorites, but this is definitely one of them.

Lastly, I have the gorgeous Santorini.  This one is a tiny bit patchy- as you can see, even at two coats it's not absolutely opaque, but it's definitely workable.  The color just blows me away so I can say this is another one of my favorites.

So those 6 polishes make up the fabulous Cruise collection.  It can't be a mystery that I love this collection.  I know the bottles are a little smaller than say China Glaze and OPI, but I think these are definitely worth the price tag and especially when Rite Aid puts them on sale once in a while- I'd say snag a bunch!  I hope this review helped you out and let me know what your favorites are and if you pick any of these up.  As always, see you back tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Disclosure ft. Sam Smith- Latch

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the minty green color if I had that color I would wear that all the time lol! btw it loks great on you!

    1. Hey Vannah, yes that is definitely one of the high points of the collection!

  2. I have been stalking this collection at my Rite Aid. I am waiting for them to throw some kind of BOGO offer on Julie G stuff!

    1. I know...I was waiting too but I CAVED lol