Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 6/21/14

Welcome to this week's random swatchfest.  What you'll find here is 9 random shades from my swatched folder that have never been featured on my blog yet, and one A+ color of the week that I chose to feature.  I hope you find something you enjoy.  If you want to watch live application of each of these polishes, you can do so here:

Let's get to some photos:
Revlon Top Speed Infamous is a gorgeous fiery coral red that is a cream with a tiny bit of squish and lots of shine!  As usual, none of my swatches are shown with topcoat, so you know what you're getting just on its own.  This is two coats, and applies like a dream.  All you red-lovers out there will really enjoy the perfection of this polish.  A

China Glaze Unrefined is a dusty or mauvey pink texture.  This comes from a whole textured collection that China Glaze released that has no shimmer, unlike some of the earliest textured polishes like liquid sand.  I think that makes it unique and I really did end up liking it as a whole.  And, for me if I'm going to wear pink, I might as well do it in a refreshing way.  This is two coats.  A

Sinful Colors Coral Riff is very similar to the polish I showed you for red today, but I do feel it leans more orange.  Additionally it is packed with very fine blue and hot pink shimmers.  I think that makes this one really special.  Sheer on the first coat, but definitely builds up on the second.  This was released in the Simmer Down collection this Summer.  You're looking at two coats.  A

This is two coats of the uber-bright Orly Glowstick but I think I'd either go for a third coat, or just layer it over white/yellow to get opacity.  You don't need the white to make this a true neon, but because it's a yellow polish, it is naturally more sheer.  I really like this polish for how in your face it is.  Obviously not every day wear if you have an office job, but every polish has its time and place. A

This green apple cream delight is Julep Fiona and it is a nice thick two-coater.  It dries semi-matte on its own, which I think also adds to how fun this polish is.  You're looking at two coats, and I really don't have another polish just like this one.  Lovely.  A

Ulta Maine Attraction is a dusty sea blue cream.  It definitely needs a second coat but I think it evens out really nicely.  Such a nice cool, Fall blue in my opinion.  You see two coats here.  A-

Wow, I love OPI Vant to Bite My Neck.  This deep, sultry violet was released in the Spring 2013 Euro Central collection and I have found it being clearanced at Marshalls, so be on the look out if you missed out on most of this collection originally(like me).  This is two coats for good measure.  A

e.l.f. Copper is a radiant copper metallic polish that kinda shows some brush strokes, but for the most part its pretty decent.  Also, you're only paying a dollar for it if you hit up one of the very frequent 50% sales that e.l.f. has online.  I'd definitely look out for that if you're doing any kind of e.l.f. shopping.  I'm not crazy about metallic polishes right now, but this one really does glow.  B+

For my glitter polish today, I present Nicole by OPI Inner Sparkle over China Glaze Starboard.  This polish was released in the Selena Gomez collection, among a bunch of other glitters, that I didn't really bother picking up at the time.  When I found this one clearanced I snatched it up and was really pleased with the quality that the soft pink and purple have when combined with the gold.  Not sure it's worth full price, but I'm happy with it.  A

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue gets to have the position of A+ polish of the week.  As I'm sure you all know by this point, Pacific Blue as we know it has changed into a goopy, jelly deep blue with shimmer. Having no resemblance to the original, the new concoction is definitely a mess and not worthy of the name, so I give you Pacific Blue The Original as the A+ polish of the week.  You're looking at one coat, non-staining brilliance.  I hope you are able to find a bottle of this before they are all gone if you're still searching.

Another week gone by; another swatchfest done!  I hope you found something that peaks your interest and leave me a comment letting me know what you're A+ polish of the week is.  So glad you stopped by to spend a little time with me today.  I'll see you back tomorrow and have a fabulous day!

Song of the Day: Bag Raiders- Snake Charmer

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the Pacific Blue, I love the color and it looks great on you! <3

    1. Thanks Vannah, have you been able to find one for yourself?

  2. I sure have I found me one by Rimmel London and it sort of a minty bluish green color and I am in love with it! <3