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Saturday Random Swatchfest 6/28/14

Happy Swatchfest Day everyone! :)  Per usual, I have 10 polishes to share with you from my swatched folder.  None of these shades has made an appearance on my blog before, and I'll show you live swatches in the video here:

You can find the reviews and grades for each polish here.  Let's get started:

The red polish I have to show you is this very deep burgundy Rimmel Lava Red.  It's almost a duochrome as you can see it flashes some gold in there with the burgundy.  This one is absolutely gorgeous if you want to wear something devastatingly dark but still have some color on your nails.  The formula is awesome- pretty much a one-coater, but you see two here.  A

From the ill-received China Glaze Crinkled Chromes collection, this is I'm a Chromantic.  This polish only needs one coat and gives plenty of pigmentation and texture in that one coat.  I've shown it here without top coat(as well as the rest of the swatches).  Polish fans didn't care for the appearance of this collection(and it's inflated price tag) but I really don't think all of there are necessarily that bad.  I mean, if you don't like texture, you won't like it.  But I think a few of them, this one included, are rather nice, and if you don't have a lot of time for a DIY mani- this one's practically fool-proof because you don't have to worry about having a messy application since it kind of ties in with the appearance of the polish anyway.  Anyone out there feel the way I do about this collection?  A

Pure Ice Poker Face is a mega bright orange-yellow shimmer.  You can pick up this brand for under two bucks at Walmart, and for that price tag, they sure do offer some winners.  You know I'm not crazy about orange polish, and I don't especially feel that this shade of orange is that flattering...however I think this polish packs a major punch.  Well done.  A

China Glaze I'm Not Lion is satisfying for the gold/yellow category today.  This polish reaches the level of opacity you see here at three coats.  I think the combination of gold and holographic micro glitters is just gorgeous.  This polish can be found in the Fall 2012 On Safari collection which is still being sold at a number of etailers like head2toebeauty.  While these microglitter polishes can be a hassle to clean up, I still looove it. A

Fingerpaints Mistful Thinking is a perfect-for-Summer bright soft lime.  This makes me think of key lime pie. This is two, easy, creamy coats and it's at such a great price point in my opinion.  this was almost my polish of the week, that's how much I love it.  A

Color Club Chelsea Girl is kind of a mess...can you see why?  This is two coats, and still streaky and not at all opaque.  The other thing- this little number is a stainer if you leave it on for more than a few minutes...I almost hesitated swatching it on my finger for the live application swatches in the video above.  It's such a shame cuz the color is so beautiful, but ya, I'd just pass on this one guys.  C-

The divine Zoya Julieanne is representing for our purple polish today.  I have no idea how this has not made it on my blog yet lol.  It must have just got lost in the shuffle of things- but this was one of the first Zoya polishes I picked up, and man was I hooked.  Just look at the dimension and all the different purples they mixed in there.  This practically shifts from gold, fuchsia, blurple, and back to deep violet all at once.  Your eye darts over your fingers trying to capture all the facets.  Love it- wholeheartedly recommend this to you. A

Ooh, another polish I didn't care for.  It just doesn't make much sense to me that such a dark polish like Sally Hansen Triple Shine Slick Black can't get opaque at two coats.  When that's the case, it's just not worth it to me...The concept is ok- black with silver and slightly blue shimmer in it, but they don't pull it off, and having to do three coats isn't worth the price point in my opinion.  Fail, sorry... C

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Fruit-ta-ta over Orly Glowstick is part of the collection that SH released of matte glitters each in a clear base. This one I didn't find as interesting as some of the others because, well it's red, pink, white, and black...but I picked it up with a coupon for like fifty cents.  I think it's just ok.  I probably could have used another base polish and it would have been more flattering...  Eh, it's kinda boring in my opinion.  B

For my A+ polish of the week I'm featuring Bonita Salon Blue Steel, this lovely teal blue with silver shimmer. I found the collection that housed this polish at Rite Aid a while ago, and I almost didn't give any of them a try(in fact my first few passes by them I disregarded them).  The reason being: I've tried the regular Bonita polishes and really didn't care for them, but these ones say Bonita Salon, so I finally caved and wanted to see what these were about.  I'm very glad I did, because this one, along with a few others I tried, is a beaut! They also have a pretty decent price point, about 2.50, and they say right on the bottle that they're three free. Additionally, this brand just released two new collections, one called Blooming Colors, and another called Witches Ball- both of which will be fully reviewed here, so you can look out for those reviews soon. Unfortunately, I did find this one to be a tad staining, so double up on basecoat, peeps like you often have to with polishes this shade :)

Well I hope you found something here you like.  Let me know what your A+ polish of the week was.  I hope you're having a great weekend and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Casio Social Club- She Takes My Breath Away

Over and out

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