Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Orly Baked Collection with Live Application and Review

Howdy everybody.  I had a few requests to put up a review on the Orly Baked collection and I had to hunt one or two polishes down, but I finally found them and here's the swatches and review.  You can start here with this video if you like- it gives you live swatches and a little chat on each polish and the collection as a whole.

As for the pictures and review of each polish, we'll do more of that here.  So this collection consists of 6 shades.  For the majority they dry semi-matte so you will want a topcoat for a glossy finish.  There are two high-shimmer shades, three creams, and one jelly/glitter.  These were all fine with two coats, which is what you will see below, and I did swatch the glitter over a white base of two coats.  Let's get started:

First up we have the gorgeous coral, Ablaze.  It is absolutely packed with gold shimmer and if you are searching for that perfect coral for the Summer that has a little something extra, this might just be it!  You're looking at two coats, and as with most of the polishes in this collection, the formula is a little thick so you may have to allow for a little extra dry time between coats, but I absolutely love this one.

Just like her sister above, Hot Tropics is packed with gold shimmer.  This lovely fuchsia is another beauty and definite star in this collection.  This is again, two coats, and easy to apply.

The odd ball of the collection is this light yellow/green jelly polish with micro gold glitter and gold bar glitter. I can't see myself wearing this that often, but the more I played with it and tried it over a few different options, I didn't end up being as wary of it as when I first saw this online.  I think it has a few major problems- the bar glitter makes the nail look hairy, and it's a bit goopy, but other than that I actually really liked this color.  I actually liked that Orly threw in such an odd polish because I think it's the things that make us different from each other that makes us beautiful- and that goes for polish too ;)

This deep violet semi-matte is called Saturated.  She is devastatingly gorgeous!  This is shown without topcoat, so if you don't like the matte look then definitely grab your favorite glossy top coat.  I love the way this collection is balanced out with a deep shade like this against all the brights!  This is definitely a favorite.

Ok, this polish looks just like super bright macaroni and cheese and it's name is Tropical Pop.  This one's a bit thick so give the first coat some dry time so you don't have any issues.  Definitely not something I'm going to wear every day, but I sure don't have another polish like this in my collection.  Now I have uber-bright mac n cheese polish!  You're looking at two coats.

Finally, we have Neon Heat and in my opinion this one has the best formula of the collection.  It is smooth and easy to apply- no worries here.  I know it's just a basic super hot pink cream, but like I said, it's easy breezy and very bright.  This is two coats.

And that rounds it out peeps!  How did you like this collection?  Once Sally Beauty put Orly on BOGO this month I knew I wanted to pick these up, but then they disappeared from the three(yes three) locations near me in like a second.  Lucky for me, Ulta had the two I couldn't find anywhere else on B2GO so I was very happy that I would be able to bring the whole collection to you without having to pay and wait for shipping ;)

I hope you are having a great day and thanks for stopping by to spend some time with me today.  Did this help you decide if you're going to pick any of these up?  Let me know below which one your favorite is! Love to you, and see you back tomorrow :)

Song of the Day: Meiko Stuck on You

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  1. I know this is kinda off this nail art subject, but could you do a ombre tutorial? When I do it ,it looks really bad and hardly ever works and when you do it ,it looks flawless! <3

  2. thx sweetie- do you mean where the colors blend from one to another on the same nail, or across the hand like each finger has a different polish? I have a tutorial on a gradient technique in my videos that you can check out if you want. When I read the word ombre I think across all the nails- so let me know which design you mean. I'll probably put an updated video up soon for the gradient because I've had a few requests recently. I hope you're having a great day Vannah :)

  3. Yeah where the colors blend, I get confused between gradient and ombre, and thanks a lot! <3

  4. The bars DO look the nail look hairy, I wasn't really a fan of bars and after that description... LOL! Pretty swatches, I went back and picked up that Saturated along with a shade from the core line, I had assumed I already owned something similar but nope. :)

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