Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weekly Wednesday Wrap-up 6/18/14

Hi Dear Ones far and wide.  It's time for our weekly photo roll to catch you up on what's goin on in our neck of the woods.  We hope you are all happy and well and can feel our love for you even though we're so far apart right now :)  Here are this week's photos:

First off- it was Father's Day and so we had a little man who wanted to be in charge of cooking a special meal.  The meal we made??  Lemon Bars of course :)

Bear also organized our dvd collection.  What a stud...ok, he was just helping- but he came up with this convenient sorting location and arrangement.

Soon after, the boys left to visit with their dad for a while and here are a few pictures of their adventures thus far!

Dominoes with Grandma

He's kickin' tail!

Looks like Bug found a new balancing device- he has one at home that he's constantly on- just don't break the baby toys!  Can't believe he's 8 years old now! :)

Ultimate Wii competition!

Havin' lunch on the road trip.  Bug looks more and more like his dad every day :)

Sweet brothers

Yes, this is Bug, the blondie

Hiking with Dad in Zion National Park

Man, this looks cool!  Bear said this was the scariest part because there was a huge drop to the left and the walkway wasn't super sturdy!

A shrine to the Gods...glad there were no snakes under those rocks

Lol, I love my kid's humor

Happy Bug!!
Thanks to Dad and Granny for these pictures

They're having such a great time and we took the opportunity to give little Bee some quality alone time with her parents.  Just in perfect timing- Tim was awarded a bonus at work and we decided to take Bee to Disneyland for her first time.  This meant we got to do all the girly and toddler things without bothering her brothers:

Just entering the Park, with Minnie right behind us but we couldn't meet her since she was about to go on break.  Boy she must get really hot standing out in the sun, poor lady!

Getting ready to meet Aurora, Ariel, and Cinderella!

Lol, Bee was in shock and Ariel was so gorgeous and sweet to little lady!!

When little Bee saw Cinderella she gasped!  It was the cutest thing and she felt so special!

We couldn't get her to smile lol, she was just too shocked!

Next we got in the 3-hour-long line to meet the Frozen princesses and while one person was waiting in line, the other took Miss Bee on rides.  First off- the carousel 

Waiting in line for the Dumbo ride!

First high-flying ride of the day!

Boy, she hated waiting in lines, but we have happy girl once she's on the ride lol

Then it was that special time of day when she finally got to meet Elsa and Anna!  And there's the smiles!

They were so sweet and talked to her for a while about Olaf's carrots and little lady's dress :)  What sweet girls!  They really were outstanding!

Sweet hugs!

She passed out waiting for the parade to start, but I think she's glad she woke up for it because she got to see some of her favorites!

Waving at Minnie and Mickey

The second time the parade passed through we went on It's a Small World, twice in a row because no one was in line.  She loved it!

Goofy's House

And her first roller coaster- in the front row no less... Here she is raising her arm during the ride, no prompting from mom, I think she just saw everyone else doing it.

Then we stayed for fireworks(which were amazing- especially Tinkerbell!) and we traveled home :)

We also had an IKEA trip where we had to get this ice cream, of course!

And then off to the Burbank mall- which is bomb btw- and Miss Bee got to have this awesome adventure!  She was scared but didn't want to get off lol, it was pretty funny- she didn't jump but just hung on and went for a ride.  What a blast!

Ok, who's heard of snow cream?? We stumbled upon this shop in that mall where it's like shaved ice, but it's shaved cream- and you can get it in all these flavors and it just melts in your mouth....soooooo good people!!

Lastly, I just gotta wonder- who teaches these kids to just eat the insides from the oreos??  How do they know to do that if no one teaches them? lol

Funny girl :)

And that's it!  Another week, well quite an extraordinary week compared to our usual shenanigans, but that's what happens in Summer, huh?  I hope you're all up to your own nonsense and making special memories with your family.  We love you all and happy fathers day to all the fathers, and congratulations to all the graduates- including my husband- who just received his masters!  Proud of you babe!  And we'll see you back again next Wednesday :)

Song of the Day: Daft Punk- The Game of Love

Over and out

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